Perminder Chohan’s ultimate guide to being successful

‘My 10 secrets to success’, a journey of courage and resilience.

An age-old adage rightly says that success comes to those who will and dare. The newly launched book ‘My 10 secrets to success’ is an appropriate guide for anyone who is looking out for inspiration and making a mark for themselves. The book beautifully transcribes the journey of a businessman and philanthropist – Perminder Chohan. It is a story of a guy who stepped out into a foreign land in his young age with a million dreams and hopes to make it big in the corporate sector. This man has today grown to be the Managing Director of Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network – Richmond South – he is a financial expert owning over seven insurance offices.

The book immediately strikes a chord with young immigrants who are looking to find their way in a new country. It takes us through Perminder’s life in the last 20 years and enables us to view failures as a mere stepping stone that are aimed at taking us closer to our final destination. Taking from Perminder’s arduous journey, the book serves as a perfect roadmap to success cited through various anecdotes and situational stories. It also offers some simple, practical advice to help us navigate the negative and make the most of the triggers that will help us to sustain positive change in life.

Perminder Chohan’s success story is born out of his numerous experiences. In his corporate tenure, he has trained more than 500 professionals under his guidance. He is a well-known benefactor in the South Asian community and has made donations to over 36 charities and has also setup his own philanthropic foundation called the Perminder Chohan Foundation.

‘My 10 secrets to success’ has been viewed as an inspiring, wise and practical guide to achieving success in one’s career. Through metaphoric analogies and parables, the book traces Perminder’s journey from growing up in poverty in a small Indian village to his current esteemed position of a patron in the financial services industry in Canada.

Making a headway in an unknown country as an immigrant is more challenging than one can think. However, Mr. Chohan’s determination and resilience never allowed his problems to be bigger than his dreams, even as he struggled with failure earlier in his career. Today, he is one of the most successful people in his field and has taken it upon himself to enlighten the upcoming generation of immigrants with the power of thinking big.

Through this book, he has detailed out the 10 secrets that worked in making him a global visionary. The book also focuses on basic and pragmatic solutions such as ‘letting go of the past’, ‘improving focus’ and ‘executing plans’ through his personal experiences.

The book has received an overwhelming response and is also available on Amazon and Kindle.

Prior to this, Chohan has also co-authored three bestselling books on his mentorship and training techniques: Uncommon – Dreams with Deadlines, with motivational speaker Brian Tracy; and Professional Performance 360 Special Edition: Success, with a group of international entrepreneurs that includes Richard Branson. He also co-authored a children’s book, Leo Learns about Life.

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