Inderjit came to Canada in 1999 from Punjab, India. In his initial 10 years in Canada, he worked at a frozen food processing plant. However, as a new immigrant, Inderjit faced many challenging situations regarding his job. He had always wanted to do something independently to fulfill his dreams. In 2007, after hearing about WFG, things changed, for Inderjit began working with the company but needed more confidence. Hence, he quit. After 4 years, in 2011, one of his friends approached him for the same WFG, and he refused. Instead, he requested to guide him about savings plans. This conversation gave him life-changing advice on tax savings and paying off the mortgage 3-4 years earlier with the same payment. This sparked his interest in educating himself about money matters and its concepts. Looking back, this was his best decision, and joining WFG full-time has been a blessing. He feels honored and grateful to share his success story. World Financial Group has helped him in fulfilling his dreams. Also, the company has changed his standard of living and thought process.