By Capt. Sukhbir Mangat

By Capt. Sukhbir Mangat


The month of August is going to be great for the people of Aries. You will get happiness and prosperity, and peace will prevail in the family. Your family environment will be harmonious.  The presence of Mars and Venus in the fifth house is good for the youth and married people. If you do business, then time is favorable for investing, and you will receive your stuck money. September will be equally fantastic, for there will be an increase in your confidence. If you take your job seriously, your efficiency will increase, and you will achieve the goals with hard work in the office. As a result, your higher officials will be impressed by you. If you are planning to go abroad, you’d likely succeed.


Whether in your job or business, you will spend time in peace this month. Time will be good for married people. Newly married couples may have good news regarding progeny. Unmarried people who are looking for a life partner for themselves may get a good proposal for marriage. September will be average. This is because Venus, the lord of this zodiac, will remain in Virgo until September 06. Venus in Virgo is considered debilitated. As a result, Venus will be unable to give you encouraging results. However, after September 06, Venus will sit in its own house for the whole month. The time from September 07 to September 21 will be perfect for you. You will get success in all your works.


Mixed results to the people of Gemini. The month of August is quite suitable for those who are running a business. Their investment will grow and expand, but not for those salaried employees. Someone can cheat you. The month of September is also favorable for love relationships. Those who are trying to go abroad may get success now. You are likely to benefit from the stock market. This month is satisfactory for the people who run businesses, for they will grow and expand. From September 17 to September 21, three planets will be present in Virgo. Any auspicious, religious endeavor may organize in your house. Success in examinations & interviews. Time to travel abroad for some.


Cancer people will be happy in August. You will get respect, honor, and your wishes will be fulfilled. Due to Saturn, Mars, and Venus, you will be successful in business, and profit will increase. There is a possibility of promotion and increase in salary to those who are employed. Health-related problems may occur. There is a possibility of promotion in post and increase in salary in September. People who do business will achieve profitability in their business. You will get an opportunity to travel, and you will benefit from this journey. You may purchase a home, a new vehicle, or possibly, a camper. Makes sure to watch your health. You may get sick due to changing weather.


The month of August is auspicious for the people of Leo. All your pending works will be completed. Guests will be in your house, and your hospitable nature will keep you busy. You will triumph over people who want to put you down. If you are involved in a civil case, the court’s decision may come in your favor. A good time for traders, you are likely to get success in all the tasks. Time will be favorable for business expansion. This will be a good time for young lovebirds. Unmarried ones who are looking for life partners may have promising results. September is suitable for the people of Leo, making sure that your confidence will increase a lot. Your health looks impeccable, and married people will have so much fun.


August has mixed surprises. Avoid close relatives who do not have a good relationship with you, for they will create problems. The value of your stock market shares may decrease this month. Students will be successful in their studies. The trade of merchants will expand. The month of September will be better. Mercury, the lord of the lagan, is forming a Neech bhang Rajyog with Venus. As a result of this planetary position, you will succeed in all tasks but with little struggle. If you do business, then you will continue to profit. The arrival of Bakri Jupiter in the fifth house will make the young people thrive in romantic relationships. This month is also agreeable for the students. This is the best time for health.


August will be exceptional for you. A possible promotion is in the offing, and you might even get more than you expected. Business people are also going to get more than their expectations. Their profit will increase. They will make a new investment, which will give them more profit in the future. September will be fine for Librans because Venus, the zodiac lord, will be in a good position this month. Those who run the business will benefit from them. This month, your expenses will increase as well. But take note that as your income increases, your expenses will also double. There will be parties at home. Take advantage of time and never waste it on senseless activities. And never neglect your health.


The month of August is good for Scorpions. But you will definitely get some adverse results. As such, this month is not good in terms of health. There are chances that you may get hurt, and this injury may happen in an accident, or you may get hurt from slipping. You may have an eye problem, so have a doctor to check it. Health will fluctuate during the entire month. Money will come from different sources. September will also be promising for you—your income will increase, and new sources of income will soon multiply. You may meet an old friend. Your expenses will increase this month. However, the central part of your spending will be on luxury items. Your health could deteriorate, so take care.


The influence of favorable planets will increase your confidence. You will manage to perform every task with the effect of increased confidence. The merchant class will benefit from the business. Their business will expand, and profits will increase. Due to any dispute, money may go to waste in the lawsuit. Strife with relatives may occur this month. The month of September is a perfect time and also beneficial for people who run businesses. There will be a possibility of an increase in income during the entire month. Time is good for the students. You can organize any religious event in your home. In health, there will be ups and downs, so make sure to take care of yourself.


The month of August is auspicious and beneficial for you. To get success at the beginning of the month, you will have to work hard. You will meet with your near relatives and no doubt, this meeting will be pleasant. Do not travel far-off places if possible, because expenses will increase and may go out of your control. Business folks will expand their business; while the sun is forming Budhaditya yoga with Mercury. This is a good omen for married life. There are strong possibilities of getting wealth. The month of September will also be good. Time is auspicious for those who do business. With the advent of money, your financial crisis will be overcome. It will be a good time for love. Disputes with the partner may end.


August is superb since the planets are favorable to you. At the beginning of this month, you will be fortunate enough to finally reach success with your hard work. This month is auspicious for you because you may buy a new house or a new vehicle. For those who are in business, great times will continue. It’s also a fantastic time for students. Take care of mental anxiety. September will give mixed results. Time is not suitable for those who do the job. They will face difficulties. For those who do business, their profit will decrease, and they will face troubles. You may feel financially strapped, but a perfect month for lovers. There are chances you may catch a cold or cough.


The month of August will be good for Pisces. Business people will benefit from their livelihood as it will expand. Time is also satisfying for the employees. They are more likely to get the benefit of money. Married people are going to have a pleasant time together. Lovers shall have a marvelous time. It is also a good time for the students and those preparing for any competition—they will surely reap success. September is suitable for those workers and for those who run the business. A difficult time for students. They could not focus their attention on their studies. If you are in a love affair with someone currently, this month you may get married. Healthwise, the month is super-excellent.