Horoscope August 2018 By Sukhbir Mangat


Your position of authority at work should remain strong because people respect you, but avoid any arguments. You will be popular during this period. Seeking higher education from government organizations is advisable. Promising financial gains should be there for working persons. New undertakings should give good results. The social circle may expand, however, progeny prospects are not well denoted. Litigation is a possibility, so avoid this. Stay away from getting involved in unnecessary disputes.


You’ll have significant courage and confidence this period. A divine spiritual journey looks to be on the cards. Your actions are the reflections of your wisdom and enthusiasm. Your siblings will also make a name for themselves. Work problems don’t pose any significant threat. , and you appear like a leader. Government institutions offer great opportunities to students seeking higher education. This should be the right time to start new projects.


Your courageous side will manifest, Gemini. Prosperity and wealth are likely to receive a boost. Taking wise decisions will make you stand out of the crowd. A right combination of financial status and livelihood is apparent. There is a chance for you to join a pilgrimage. Overall, your efforts should be appreciated by all. You should be enjoying the success achieved by your siblings. Wise decisions make you a good leader. Growth and dignity at the workplace and society will be on your side.


This period implies a time of changing pace. With slow development, you may see recuperation in your well-being and lost savings from earlier days. Monetary profits may come in through your persistence and consistent efforts. You may know an ascent in stamina, which may additionally enable you to earn more benefits. Thriving denotes for all sects of life. Societal position may enhance, and a rise in pay is likely. Career may remain stable throughout this period. Profession angles look promising.


A ray of protective enhancement spell should draw out the brightest side of you. You may utilize your mind, learning, and instincts to precisely deal with your assets and maintain a strategic distance from any money related misfortunes. Health is wealth, and your health may require your full focus. The minor illness may turn into a reason for expenditures; thus, a good reminder is the old saying: “a pound of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Social ventures may remain dull; the period may remain passive.


The benefits earned earlier are at risk of facing misfortune, and Murphy’s Quantum Law can be a good reminder: “Anything that can, could have, or will go wrong—is going wrong all at once.” Work-wise, a possibility of a budgetary difficulty may happen, but let this not put you down. Generosity & philanthropy will prove useful for your soul. Remaining on inviting terms with associates should help you in the future. Signs of funds are disappearing, and a watchful eye is mandatory on your part.


This period appears to be the treasury for this year. It brings promise with some monetary profits foreseen. Additional efforts to grow in career may be acknowledged and might bear fruitful results. Your job may flourish at a stable rate. You may get favors from government specialists while credit and acknowledgment for your work may be present. Inexhaustible riches, incredible income, and a raised wage are possible. Nonetheless, local agreements on the domestic front remain a range of concern.


The stars seem to spread blended flavors throughout your life. Religious pull may prevail. An inharmonious domestic front may concern you. But your growing social picture may help your confidence. A blessed period may exist with a positive stream of benefits. Career may see a sudden boost, and a change in job is not the right time during this period. Property inheritance might be subject to disputes. The household front may confront storms and should be taken care of with politeness and deftness.


It implies a prosperous period. Heavenly powers shower fortunes on you, which may instill clearing of money related problems. You are probably going to get a withheld installment you’ve been waiting for quite some time. Your religious disposition may lead you to investigate new learning. Graced with fearlessness, quality of living, and the capacity for completing new activities, you will thrive. The domestic front may confront a few unsettling influences, but nothing is unconquerable if you have faith.


This period denotes an unprecedented growth for the spouse. Financial profits and business travel also appear fruitful. Business partners may become an excellent source of profits. Growth in your specific area of work is likely to take place. Manage your savings wisely. Try to plan well before making any significant financial commitments. The Latins say: “Fortune smiles upon the brave, and frowns upon the coward.” Your luck would be mostly in your favor, for just being brave.


Winston Churchill said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” You may have to compete a lot, but don’t overexert your body and take proper rest. Financial gains are there via business associates. Trade and business may expand with considerable profits. Manage your savings and finances during this period. Your spouse appears to be making progress. Financial earnings from work partners & business travel will continue.


This is the period that should bring a lot of shine to your career. The horoscope for this period denotes monetary & professional gains for hard-workers. Some good news might come from a new network or business. Minor hurdles in life might be there, but you are likely to breeze over them. Take care of health as it appears to be an area of concern. Remember that no health, no wealth. Avoid any legal conflicts as these may prove to be financially expensive and emotionally draining.