June Horoscope 2017 By Capt. Sukhbir Mangat

ARIES (March 21 – April19)

As the month begins, you would think a lot of yourself. Jupiter is turning direct from 9th June onwards, so fortune will start favoring you. Good news from foreign sources is on the horizon. Your attention is driven towards family, finance, tax, government, etc., from 15th June 2017. Saturn is moving into Scorpio from Sagittarius on 21st June, from your 9th house to 8th house. Some mental distress may persist this month due to this rare phenomenon. The last part of the month would be rewarding regarding finance. A quick change may take place after 16th July 2017, but you may suffer from minor problems related to mouth or face. Foreign sources may bring some gains this month. Any business meetings planned away from your place, especially overseas, would be rewarding.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Energy level would be low in the beginning. Finance becomes a concern as the month begins. A loss is possible at the beginning of June. But, income would improve from the second half. More relief expected after 15th June 2017 when health improves and expenses go down. Focus on spirituality this month. Since Saturn is again transiting to Scorpio towards the end of the month, you should try to maintain peace of mind. You may get good news from foreign sources. Travel may keep you busy this period. The key focus areas of your life after 16th July 2017 are family and finance. The conjunction of three planets would result in hectic activities in the second half of the month. Money matters will improve as the month comes to an end. Put aside your ego.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

You will gain real income at the beginning of the month. A new source of earning could be there by this time. The period after 9th June would bring growth in business. Your financial position may suffer a minor setback after 15th June 2017 as expenses could shoot up. Plan your travels cautiously. Since Saturn is changing the sign on 21st June, defer any significant decisions like health treatment or foreign visits for now. Financial problems may also crop up this month of July due to losses. Things would get better after 16th July 2017 since key planets are coming together in your favor. Health would get better, and you would be able to curtail expenses as well. Feeling of superiority and ego may invade your attitude by this point. You should start indulging in spirituality now.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

June can be a good month regarding career development. Work and personal affairs would observe substantial progression. A possible, desirable assignment is at work. Promotion can happen. After 9th June, luck could take place, and your relationship with colleagues would also improve. Income would increase after 15th June 2017. You will enjoy the company of friends this month. For those who will tie the knot, wait for some time until Saturn resumes direct motion in a couple of months. The period after 16th July 2017 is not as positive for finance due to an imbalance in income and expenditure. Key hot planets are coming together in your ascendant now, so this is the time to keep calm and avoid aggression. Be frugal to curtail expenses and avoid substantial losses.

LEO (July23 – August 22)

Planets seem to bring good luck to you this period. Any travel plans would turn out to be lucrative. Virtuous activities would help you attain some peace of mind. With Jupiter moving direct from 9th June, you would feel more empowered financially. After 15th June 2017, you would observe a significant leap in your career. You might land a leadership role and elevate your status. It would be better to boost your involvement within the family after 21st June when Saturn moves into Scorpio again as you might feel a bit lonely after that. July is an active and productive period for a career. There would be adequate progress in both professional as well as personal life. You may indulge in a new project or get a better position at work now.  Substantial gains would be there as July concludes.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

You might experience a fall in energy as June begins, try to slow down. You are likely to benefit from unpredictable sources, but June is not going to be an entirely smooth month. Jupiter would resume its direct motion at this point. The period after 9th June is quite blissful for love and married life. Existing relationships would gain strength. Government/tax related problems could block your way though. After 15th June 2017, improvement in luck will come. At the end of June, a sudden trip could take place, and it would be fulfilling. You will feel more spiritual. Pay attention to health matters towards the end of the month. Some fruitful and fun trips could take place in July. After 16th July 2017, a strong positive upswing in career would come.

LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Monetary exchanges from abroad would be lucrative and gainful. Your marriage may have trials. Some health complication could crop up after 9th June. The period after 15th June 2017 requires more caution and patience as lady luck seems to be looming. Avoid too many responsibilities at once during the latter part of the month. Towards the end of the month, your mother could receive health treatment that has been delayed, bringing peace in family life. From 16th July 2017, fortune would become more gracious. The conjunction of planets in your horoscope would create new sources of income and growth prospects in your career. A sudden, pleasurable travel could occur towards the end of July. Your spiritual beliefs and interests would gain strength as well.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Your behavior would be marked by a rise in ego and aggression at the beginning of the month. You would observe better intellect as well as more focus in studies. A message from abroad might enlighten you and lead you to a better direction in life. Until 15th June 2017, you might face troubles from stomach and face related issues. Things would be much better after that due to your efforts. Your good work ethics will be appreciated, but you should avoid taking up work that’s beyond your capabilities. You should keep ego out of your relationship to keep things smooth with your spouse after 16th July 2017. A business trip might also occur in July. You could encounter a lot of opposition and disagreements toward the end of the month.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 20)

Good period for work related growth. You will find yourself in control professionally as there would be much progress due to your hard work. Health matters would improve during this month. However, care should be taken during the period after 21st June when you should avoid borrowing or lending money. Ego issues with spouse could crop up in the second half of the month. Be understanding and patient, for patience, like love, could overcome all adversities. Travel for business is possible now. You might come upon general opposition to your ideas towards the end of the month. Transactions from overseas would be lucrative and profitable, so make the most of it. Health could slip after 16th July 2017 & hurdles might rise as well, so be prepared.

CAPRICORN (Dec21 – Jan 19)

June is an eventful time for the mother figure in your life. It is an activity-oriented period concerning domestic matters. You might buy a new dwelling or vehicle and may relocate to another area too. You would get much relief from financial and mental pressures after 9th June. Your courage and self-confidence would also increase. On the health front, there could be some trials. After 15th June 2017, your bonding with kids may also suffer. Don’t let ego get the better of you. There would be adequate progress at work as well as in other areas of life after 16th July. You should, however, try to spend more time with spouse and take care of their health. Overall, your hard work and self-motivation would beget real rewards this month.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Travel this month would be rewarding and rejuvenating. You would most certainly plan a short vacation. After 9th June, you would be able to curtail expenses and grow sudden income. Your bonding with siblings would be mediocre this month, and your rapport with other family members would also suffer after 14th June 2017. Make sure to give priority to your family. You could focus on real estate matters, as luck is likely to favor you in that. Chances of purchasing something of value are there too. Saturn would move into Scorpio on 21st June after which there could be some foreign travels. Health could tumble after 16th July 2017 and also your relationship with children. News from abroad might change the course of your life towards a more positive outlook.

PISCES (Feb 19 – March 20)

Ego may contaminate your speech. At the beginning of the month, you might develop a tendency to step on others to reach success. Don’t succumb to such negative preoccupation. Money is not the be-all and end-all in this world. You would experience a new enthusiasm in your life after 15th June 2017. There would be a lot of gains throughout this month, especially due to foreign associations and networking skills. Meetings and conferences in locations far from your place could have positive results. You would experience more peace of mind this month from 9th June onwards. A short holiday is on the horizon. In July, the planet could be more supportive regarding real estate matters. An indulgent lifestyle could end in heartaches, so be wary of it.