Geopathic stress is a distorted or disrupted electromagnetic field of the Earth (Schumann Resonance / Waves). The Earth resonates with an electromagnetic frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz – Schumann resonances (SR), which falls within the range of (alpha) human brainwaves. Underground streams, sewers, water pipes, electricity, tunnels and underground railways, mineral formations and geological faults distort the natural resonance of the Earth thus creating geopathic stress (GS). Sleeping or spending a lot of time in geopathic stress zones can have ill effects on our health, performance, and wellbeing.


There are some personal health factors (apart from the environmental ones mentioned above) which may suggest the presence of geopathic stress in your home or office. This include:

1) you never wake up feeling refreshed or feel worse in the mornings.

2) you have a feeling that there is something wrong with your home – it doesn’t feel right – you don’t look forward to going home – you feel better away from home.

3) you may have a serious illness such as cancer, M.E., multiple sclerosis, etc. or disease that doesn’t respond to treatment or you become not well after moving to your new home.

4) the house has a history of cancer or other serious illnesses .



In the sensitive or weak patient, or in anyone exposed for a sufficient length of time, geopathic stress may suffice to overcome the body’s natural homeostatic regulation and lead into a disease spiral, presenting at first a confused non-specific symptom picture.

The most frequently found symptoms occurring at an early stage of exposure to geopathic stress, perhaps immediately upon moving to a new house, are sleep disturbances. The siting of a patient’s bed seems to be the most important factor, after which come favorite chair, desk, room in which most working time is spent, and so forth.

CANCER is the most notorious of these, and tumors are known to develop almost always at exactly the spot where two or more GS lines cross a person’s body as they lie asleep in their bed. All mammals are considered to produce cancerous cells on a continual basis, though they are also continuously destroyed by the body’s immune system. Stress on the immune system caused by GS is seen as responsible for the resulting overgrowth of cancer cells. Professional dowsers tell many stories of patients whose tumors have ‘mysteriously’ disappeared after moving their sleeping position away from the GS lines.

LEUKAEMIAS & LYMPHOMAS are mainly associated with an active electropollution component within the GS lines.


and many other CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, WASTING AND PARALYSING DISEASES OF THE FLESH, MUSCLES, AND NERVES, e.g. NECROTISING FASCIITIS, MYASTHENIA GRAVIS, all diagnosed as ‘Earth element disorders’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

INFERTILITY (storks will not visit, let alone nest on geopathically stressed locations!), DIFFICULT PREGNANCIES, MISCARRIAGE, PREMATURE BIRTH, UNHEALTHY NEW-BORN BABIES, including DOWN’S SYNDROME and other GENETIC ABNORMALITIES.


George Lakhovsky coined the term “Geopathy” and first suggested in the 1930s that geopathic stress causes the human body to vibrate at much higher frequencies than normal. It can affect the immune system, making people sleeping or working in geopathically stressed locations more susceptible to viruses, bacteria, parasites, and environmental pollution.

The German dowser, Baron von Pohl, was asked to dowse the small town of Vilsbiburg in 1929, having then the highest per capita cancer death rate in Bavaria. He discovered a 100 percent correlation between the beds of people with cancer and the paths of Shastreams passing through the town. He repeated the procedure in Grafenau in 1930, with the lowest cancer incidence in the province, and again found a 100 percent correlation. He developed a scale to rate Geopathic stress of 1 to 16, where a combined tally of 9 or above from streams crossing gives rise to cancer.

This inspired some scientists and medical engineers to probe into the matter more deeply, and the term Geobiology was adopted by Germans to represent the study of the relationship between life and the Earth’s physical and chemical environment. ‘Geobiologists’ specialize in surveying houses for both geopathic and electromagnetic stress using scientific instruments.


How many lives could have been saved, how much suffering could have been avoided if the understanding of the importance of the influence of geopathic stress upon life on Earth was more widely recognized?