Coquitlam Pharmacy Donates $30,000 Worth Of Equipment To Ukraine, Expands Own Facility For COVID Immunization

Family-owned Wilson Pharmacy sends roughly 500 medical rehabilitation products to Kyiv, while preparing locally for fall vaccine season in B.C..

VANCOUVER, B.C. – In addition to preparing for COVID boosters and flu vaccines this fall, Wilson Pharmacy in Port Coquitlam has donated $30,000 worth of medical equipment to a new rehabilitation centre currently being built in Kyiv, Ukraine — which will support the recovery of mental and physical health.

Along with giving to an important cause, this initiative frees up clinic space for the family-run pharmacy to offer more clinical services for the Tri-Cities — and to continue being one of the top immunization leaders in B.C.

Earlier this year, Wilson Pharmacy was approached by Jon Schmid, an ex-military nurse and founder of WUNDERfund, with a request for medical supplies for the new facility in Ukraine. With excess of and access to home health care (HHC) products, the pharmacy donated about 500 medical items, totaling about $30,000, to the Canadian non-profit that raises funds and awareness for the defence and humanitarian support of Ukraine.

This donation from Wilson Pharmacy will be transported to a healthcare team located in Kyiv, where the new rehabilitation centre is being built. A large majority of the donations include brace devices for recovery, such as crutches, walking boots, joint braces, ankles braces, cold rush to reduce swelling, heating elements, oximeters, and more. These mobility aids will support those in their recovery and in their day-to-day lives.

Along with supporting Ukraine, the donation increases the clinical area at Wilson Pharmacy which will result in more COVID and influenza vaccines being administered in the fall. Wilson Pharmacy saw a meteoric success in COVID-19 vaccinations this past year, and was one of the top suppliers in B.C.

“We’re grateful to have the opportunity to support those recovering or facing mobility challenges in Ukraine, and we understand that there is a great need for continual support,” said Parm Johal, Owner of Wilson Pharmacy. “By donating these home health care products, we will also be able to free up twice as much space for clinical services, such as  COVID vaccines, influenza vaccines, travel vaccines, and more. This ensures clinical care is the focus, allowing us to be better prepared to serve the community locally all while supporting those in need on an international level.”

Wilson Pharmacy is no stranger to supporting those in need, having provided flu shots to senior centres and long term care homes around the Tri-Cities area over the years.