Drishti Magazine is spotlighting South Asian youth and young adults that made an impact locally and abroad. One of these young adults is Bisman Arora, and she is the Chief Executive Officer of Excel Career College.

Bisman comes from a family with over two decades of experience in the immigration and education industry. She was raised in the Lower Mainland and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University. Her father, Avtar Arora heads the Arora Group of Companies and founded Arora Immigration 25 years ago.

Regarding those who immigrate to Canada, Bisman notes that “the thought of moving to another city is challenging. Think about the people who move to Canada every day, some for better work opportunities while others for better education opportunities.”

“A few years ago, we established career services under the name of Pro Recruitment Services,” she elaborates, “we help applicants find work by placing them with employers who are looking for skilled workers.” Soon after, Arora explored the opportunity of adding Excel Career College to close the loop on Arora Group’s student and career services, she adds “having access to a student market and an employer database, I explored the education piece. I have always wanted to offer a holistic approach to education and career development.” When the right opportunity presented itself, Bisman acquired Excel Career College.

Adding Excel Career College to the family’s portfolio of services has enabled them to better support students and prospective employers. “We wanted to offer a personalized service,” Arora explains. The Arora Group of Companies personalizes their service to cater employer needs. Arora elaborates, “through our placement company, we have the option to recruit foreign or domestic workers and apply for work permits while simultaneously offering them education opportunities by Excel Career College.” In this way, individuals can earn while receiving the learning they need to upgrade their skills and ‘Excel’ in their chosen careers. Bisman further adds, “it is our portfolio of comprehensive services, and our ability to personalize and customize which makes us unique.”

According to its website, Excel Career College opened as a computer college in 1989. Since then, the curriculum has expanded dramatically, but their focus has remained the same: “To provide relevant training to get you into the workforce quickly.” Whether you are looking to change careers or upskill, Excel’s timely programs will help you achieve your goals. Their Diploma programs include Aquaculture Technician, Digital Marketing & Business Management, Financial Office Assistant, Healthcare Assistant, Healthcare Office Assistant, Hospitality Management, and Insurance Professional. Excel also offers shorter courses for anyone looking to add specific credentials to their skills and customized training to support industry professionals.

Describing how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the operations of the College, Bisman adds “when Covid hit, we had to pivot within 24 hours and move online. It was challenging for the students and the faculty. Now that we’re coming out of that phase, the students are thrilled to come back on campus.”

Bisman oversees vital aspects of Excel Career College, including its planning. “We have expansion plans regarding locations and program offerings,” she notes. “We have over ten new programs in mind and we will expand to five campuses next year. We want to ensure that we continue to provide a good learning experience.” The first campus was established in Courtney, and new campuses are opening in Kelowna, Victoria, and Langford. “Our Surrey campus will be our flagship campus.” Located in the heart of Surrey, Excel’s upcoming campus will open in Spring of 2023 close to Surrey Central. Bisman notes, “Surrey is a booming market with loads of study and work opportunities to come.” Bisman and her team look forward to welcoming students globally at all of Excel’s campuses. Excel’s mission is to create the most sought-after graduates. Bisman states, “Students are at the forefront of Excel, and we strive to provide the best learning experiences and outcomes.” Bisman’s vision is to leave behind thousands of alumni, from around the world, who were able to achieve success in their education and careers through the support of Excel.

The Arora Group of Companies includes Arora Immigration, Pro-Recruitment Services, Excel Career College, and Avora Developments. To learn more about The Arora Group of Companies, visit