Wrinkles will definitely appear with age but premature wrinkles can be tackled with a little bit of care and modern means.

UNDER-EYE-WRINKLES-OR-CROWÔÇÖS-FEETAging brings everything that deteriorates your facial value. Wrinkles start appearing on your forehead, around the eyes, sides of the lips, under the chin, etc. Loss of protein, mineral oils, vitamins, and collagen can turn your skin saggy, drooping and crinkled.

The common belief is that the first sign of aging that appears on your face is under eye wrinkles. Some women at this point will seek out the compassion and expertise of a professional plastic surgeon. It’s not necessary that wrinkles, dark circles and drooping bags under the eyes always strike you due to aging, rather many young girls face this issue because of stress, lack of sleep, dry skin, less liquid intake, wrong style of sleeping, and many other factors. The skin underneath our eyes is more sensitive and thinner than the rest of the facial hide. It gets easily affected by the external, as well as internal, lack of moisture as it doesn’t have oil producing glands. Fine lines under your eyes make you look fatigued, dull, and over aged in no time if you don’t fight them in early stages by doing things like going to a popular New York City dermatology practice for treatment.

Under eye wrinkles or crow’s feet, would start bothering you in early age in response to many reasons. These reasons relate to your lifestyle, health issues, environmental effects, and extreme weather conditions also play a vital role in making your skin weak and susceptible to wrinkling.

UV RAYS: UV rays are one of the major sources that are building these distressing wrinkles and damaging effects on the area of your eyes. It’s not just that the sun harms the skin outwardly, but it also limits the production of collagen of your skin. Sun damage is the number one cause of wrinkles. Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun by wearing sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Apply sunscreen around 20 minutes before you head outside and make sure that you re-apply every couple of hours. We should be made to understand that protection from the sun at any age will reduce the risk of photoaging, actinic keratoses and squamous-cell cancer risk depends primarily on decreasing sun exposure during childhood. Treatment for wrinkles are less effective and may be more hazardous without adequate sun protection.

IMBALANCED HORMONES: Imbalanced hormones are another major aspect of getting the under eye wrinkles and aging issues before crossing twenties. Early menopause can also trigger the wrinkles to appear as it causes less production of elastin and collagen in the cells of skin layers.

GENETIC CHARACTERISTICS: People with genetic problems of weak skin and low formation of collagen in the skin cells have to face these problems more often. You cannot fight with your genetics but still can do some efforts to keep them restricted.

Other provokers that can cause to make you look aged and frazzled are the excessive intake of alcoholic drinks and smoking. Both practices can dry out moisture from your skin and diminish the healthy glow of your face.


There are many remedies both natural and medical to reduce or eliminate dark circles under the eyes. One thing you could try, first off, is to include more Vitamin C to your diet and consider improving your diet to a healthier and more balanced one, drinking lots of water and reducing salt consumption in the process. Get into the habit of using some of these homemade remedies once weekly, see what work best for your problem and repeat the treatments until you see improvements.

  • Extra virgin olive oil prevents wrinkles because of its anti-aging benefits to the skin. It contains oleic acid and polyphenol, which act as anti-aging components of the oil. Olive oil also has group B and D vitamins as well as saturated fats that help in getting rid of wrinkles. It has anti-oxidant power and gets rid of free radicals that cause wrinkles. It moisturizes the skin around eyes, preventing further wrinkling. It rejuvenates and helps the regeneration of new collagen cells. Massage olive oil around eyes every night before going to bed. This will relax the area and regenerate collagen. It will help tighten the sagging skin around your eyes.
  • You can also make an anti-aging face mask using lemon juice and olive oil to help remove dead skin and make your skin look young and vibrant. It helps exfoliate your skin too. Eat green salads with olive oil. Dress them with lemon juice for maximum benefit.
  • Coconut oil is good for wrinkles and reducing wrinkles because it moisturizes skin, and attempts to restore its elasticity. Apply coconut oil on face wrinkles, forehead wrinkles and wrinkles around eyes to help collagen strengthening, which will erase face wrinkles easily.

Coconut oil prevents wrinkles. If you are young and would like to delay the aging effects, apply this oil in order prevent fine lines on forehead, wrinkles around eyes, hands and legs.

  • A good natural remedy to prevent or get rid of eye circles is to apply grated potato over the area for about 10 minutes. It is effective for eye discoloration because potatoes contain an enzyme called “catalase” that acts as a bleaching agent.
  • Thin slices of cucumber or green tea bags placed on closed eyelids for a quarter of an hour can help alleviate this condition. Cucumber has astringent and lightening properties. Green tea is antioxidant and good to lighten the skin
  • Gently massage almond oil over the skin surrounding the eyes until completely absorbed, a good practice to do it before bedtime, or for intensive treatment, leave overnight.
  • Try placing cotton soaked in rose water over the dark area to reduce pigmentation. Leave for ten minutes.
  • Eye mask for dark circles- Mix few drops of lemon with a pinch of turmeric and chickpea flour. Apply over the dark eye area for 15 minutes and rinse with water.
  • Put some wet tea bags in the refrigerator. Once it becomes cold, apply it on your under eye areas that are affected by lines and wrinkles. This remedy, when regularly practiced, it will make the wrinkles dim in appearance. At the same time, it will also make you feel relaxed.
  • The natural skin-nourishing, soothing, and moisturizing properties of grape seed oil make it one of the best home remedies to remove under eye wrinkles. Just like most of the other remedies as mentioned above, you can dip a cotton ball in this oil and rub it on the affected areas.


  • Drink as much water as you can in a day but on appropriate timing. Take water in the early morning with empty stomach, 30 minutes before every meal and 1 hour after eating, keep hydrated after every 2 hours through the day and also at bedtime.
  • Lack of sleep makes you look messy, pale and tired all the time. Having enough sleep (at least 8 hours a day) is a must to avoid and eliminate under eye wrinkles.
  • Laser treatments are quite successful to clear under eye wrinkles by treating sub-layers of under eye skin and regenerate the skin structure by inducing microscopic rays in the pores. Just make sure the one using the laser is a qualified professional. In the hands of a non-qualified person, it can be dangerous.
  • Eye creams are also beneficial for avoiding and clearing under eye wrinkles with regular usage. For keeping the skin firm, you should start using eye creams before the appearance of aging signs.
  • Dermal fillers are a choice of removing wrinkles immediately as it elevates the volume under the eyes with protein substance. They stay for about one year with clear and glowing skin, but you need to refill the area after a year.
  • Botox is another procedure, and like dermal fillers, it gives instant results after injecting botulinum toxins under the eyes to smoothen wrinkled skin until they disappear. And like Dermal Fillers, Botox injection had to be done again when the wrinkles come back.
  • Vaseline is good for face and eye wrinkles because “Petroleum has a high molecular weight which creates an impenetrable film on the skin—keeping environmental junk out and moisture in.
  • Creams containing vitamin A, C and E, along with beta-carotene, help in improving the texture of skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Such creams also guard the skin against UV rays.
  • Ointment containing Vitamin A Acids should be used after consulting a doctor. The cream containing vitamin A Acid have been successful in treating aging skin as well as fine lines. Such creams must be applied on regular basis.

You might doubt the link between food and wrinkles but all experts will tell you that a great way to have healthy skin is to start from the inside. Eat foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. Avoid a salty diet as it causes water retention, leading to bags under eyes.