Understanding The Instant Pleasure Industry – All Rise To The Pleasure

The Instant Pleasure Industry refers to providing products or services designed to give consumers an instant neurochemical reward. One only needs to look at the internet and app stores overflowing with instant pleasure offers, such as consumable content and goods. But there are many other pleasures such as unhealthy junk and processed food, gambling, needless shopping, overconsumption of alcohol, tobacco, and more serious drugs as people crave that “dopamine high.”

Better Understand Your Community By Learning More About Surreycares Community Foundation.

SurreyCares Community Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization. Established in 1994, SurreyCares has served the City of Surrey and its people for over 26 years. It is one of 197 community foundations across Canada under the Community Foundations of Canada. Better known as a “charity for charities,” we serve the people of Surrey, working with community-minded individuals, families, businesses, and charitable agencies to create permanent endowment funds and then use the income to support hundreds of charities. SurreyCares is committed to inspiring donors, growing charitable endowments, and investing in people.

10 Quick Make-up Hacks For Any Celebration

If you are heading out for a business meet or changing for a birthday dinner immediately after work, you could transform your look anytime and look apt with your fab for any occasion. Here are some quick makeup hacks that change your mood and make heads turn.

Richmond Hospital Foundation Presents #GratefulforYou Campaign on World Health Day to Celebrate Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers have been under a lot of pressure due to pandemic-related challenges. This World Health Day, Richmond Hospital Foundation is spreading heartfelt gratitude to the healthcare workers in Richmond for their endurance, selflessness, and dedication towards the health of the community. The #GratefulForYou campaign celebrates healthcare workers at Richmond Hospital and throughout the Richmond community of care.


After spending over a decade at TD Bank, Ruby Dhillon served as a top quartile performer in sales, a facilitator of large deals, and the founder of multiple philanthropic and diversity-focused initiatives. She is proud of the hard work behind her career growth, from starting as a temporary receptionist at TD to and ultimately progressing into her current role as a Director at Planworth, specializing in various roles and building expertise across multiple business divisions. Through this career advancement, Ruby significantly grew large portfolios, earned significant donations and grants, led and developed teams of 20+, and was consistently recognized by senior executives throughout official programs.


Dr. Birinder Narang is a family physician committed to addressing social and health inequities that impact underserved communities. When not seeing patients, he can be found instructing future physicians for UBC while serving as Board Chair for the Burnaby Division of Family Practice and as a Steering Committee member for the South Asian COVID Task Force. In-between posting on health and public issues on social media, and speaking on medical matters on television and radio, Dr. Narang engages in self-care and spends quality time with family and friends…and, if you’re lucky, he may even bring out his Dhol.