A year ago, actress Agam Darshi was shooting in Sri Lanka on Deepa Mehta’s newest film Funny Boy, based off of the acclaimed book by Shyam Selvadurai. “Everything about the project was a dream come true. I had been a great admirer of Deepa’s for a long time and wanted to work with her. But to work with her on this film, and on thischaracter, is more than I could have asked for,” says Agam.

COVID-19 Survey: Your Current Experiences and Planning for the Future

We hope to recruit 5000 or more people from across Canada. We seek both people who have so far not contracted COVID-19 and those who have experienced it.  We seek participants from the general population of people age 55+ and from three minority groups: people who self-identify as LGBT, or South Asian or Chinese (Canada’s two largest visible minorities). All four groups are important to hear from,  if we are to “get it right” in coping with pandemics like COVID-19 now and in future.

Portable 3D-printed ventilators being developed at SFU

Low-cost 3D-printed mechanical ventilators are being designed and built at Simon Fraser University, in answer to the potential need for future resources as the fight against COVID-19 continues. 

“As an engineer, this is how I can help the community respond to COVID-19,” says Woo Soo Kim, a School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering associate professor, who is leading the project from his lab based at SFU’s Surrey campus.

Romance is in the Air ‘A Flight to Catch’ by Pooja Valeja

Trainer, Publicist, Entrepreneur and now Author, Pooja Valeja is all set to launch her very first fiction, ‘A Flight to Catch: A Tale of Unspoken Words’. A book that interestingly portrays various moulds of a relationship through a seamless story line. It explains the nuances and the delicate feelings of a transcending relationship from being acquaintances, to the closest of friends, to lovers and eventually with a twist in the tail.

3 Easy “Fall Fix-Ups” with DIY Coatings

Before the winter snows arrive, homeowners can take time now, during the early autumn weeks, to tackle much-needed do-it-yourself projects around the house. For those with cracked concrete, old and slippery garage floors or deteriorating concrete patios, pool decks and more, Daich Coatings has the solutions to help halt the slide into disrepair.


It seems okay, but it is not okay.

Winter was coming to a close and all eyes were set on spring-everyone waiting to see the blossoms, to smell the green that was to wake from long slumber, the longing to feel that tickle of happiness in the surroundings, but then , the clock just stopped-the world came to a kind of pause-unprecedented,  undreamt,  unbelievable and unacceptable. BC government declared state of emergency on March 17th 2020 -schools to remain shut, offices and businesses closed. The ghost appearance of towns for the initial few weeks was bizarre and frightening, depressive and unreal. It seemed like our plane crashed into an unknown world and we do not know how to reach back home.

Improvements to the Porsche 911 S and 4S Models

As part of the model year changeover, a host of new equipment options will now be offered for the 911 Carrera series that were previously not available for the sports car. These include Porsche InnoDrive, which is already familiar from the Panamera and Cayenne, as well as a new Smartlift function for the front axle. For purists: seven-speed manual transmission with Sport Chrono package.


The McLaren Senna has completed a historic ‘clean sweep’ by breaking four production-car lap records in the hands of major US automotive publications. The Senna was designed, engineered and developed with a single-minded purpose: to be the ultimate McLaren track-concentrated car for the road. Initially, the Woking design team set out to produce a vehicle capable of setting the best lap time of any road-legal McLaren so far and its US performances are a testament to that focus.

The Lexus LX 570 Luxury SUV

Luxury knows no bounds in the Lexus LX 570 – the full-size prestige luxury SUV. This year, Lexus applies an exclusive black styling palate to the LX to craft a limited production Black Line Sport Edition. From performance to style to luxury and craftsmanship, the LX 570 fulfills all of a Lexus guest’s desires. Curbside, the LX evokes a sense of strength and elegance. Its bold expression of the Lexus signature spindle grille is framed by satin chrome trim and flanked by striking LED headlamps while an integrated rear spoiler creates a fitting embellishment.