Vaisakhi – The Advent Of Khalsa

Vaisakhi is a festival that has been celebrated since ancient times. On the auspicious day of Vaisakhi in 1699, Sahib E Kamaal Kalgidhar Patshah Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj established the Khalsa Panth. From then on, this festival became of utmost importance to the Sikhs. From that day onwards, for Sikhs, this day became a Khalsa Sirjana Diwas.


I’ve been eating these traditional Indian little treats ever since I was young and I was lucky enough to be taught the recipe from my grandma. They are notoriously difficult to make and they are not low fat in the slightest, but they taste delicious and are certainly worth a go if you love them. I don’t make them often, and I always make more than I need in the hope I have a few left.

OPINION EDITORIAL: Budget 2022, April 10, 2022

As your Member of Parliament for Steveston-Richmond East I am focused on the social and economic needs for the future of our community. Last week’s Budget 2022 gives us the tools we need to overcome the challenges facing our community, but also take advantage of opportunities to grow our economy.