$1 million donation from Alexander College Supports Mental Health Services at Burnaby Hospital

Burnaby Hospital Foundation is proud to celebrate a generous $1 million donation from Alexander College, a local post-secondary institution with its main campus in Burnaby. The donation provides support for the Foundation’s Bright Future Redevelopment Campaign, which is raising critical funds for the hospital’s redevelopment. A reception was attended by Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley, Alexander College representatives, hospital supporters, medical staff, and other dignitaries.

In recognition of this gift and their continued support of Burnaby Hospital, which now totals over $2 million, the Foundation is excited to announce the naming of the Alexander College Mental Health and Substance Use Unit, which is included in Phase One of the redevelopment project.

“Our organization believes strongly in giving back, especially in Burnaby, where I have lived for many years and where many our students and staff learn and thrive,” said Eric Zhao, Co-owner and Vice President of Alexander College. “Healthcare, akin to education, holds a pivotal role in uplifting members of our community. It is important for all of us to support the revitalization of our hospital and especially the enhancement of its Mental Health services, as they are indispensable to the collective health and vitality of Burnaby.”

Burnaby Hospital Foundation expressed gratitude for the generous donation, recognizing the impact it will have on the lives of those needing the services of the hospital’s Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) Unit. “We have seen a 30% increase in MHSU inpatient visits from last year, and we know that these services are crucially important to the well-being of so many in our community,” said Kristy James, President and CEO of Burnaby Hospital Foundation. “The incredible support shown by Alexander College at all levels, from their leadership, staff and students, has truly been inspiring.”

The new Mental Health and Substance Use Unit, located in the new pavilion as part of Phase One of the redevelopment is scheduled to be complete in 2025. The unit will enhance patient care with a bright, purpose-built space designed for optimal and safe care. It will contain 30 private patient bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and large windows offering access to light and views of Burnaby. The unit also includes specialized clinical spaces such as a multi-sensory room equipped with tools to help support patients in modulating emotional control through various sensory stimulation, further fostering a therapeutic and educational approach to care.

The unit will also showcase an outdoor patio space for patients to enjoy fresh air, engage in activities, and welcome family visits. Additional features include separate activity rooms catering to various groups and ages for recreational activities, as well as private meeting spaces for counseling or family visits. Another exciting addition to the Mental Health and Substance Use Unit is the new Crisis Stabilization Unit, a five-bed unit dedicated to short-stay admissions that includes a dedicated care station, medication room, and washroom.

Burnaby Hospital Foundation has raised over $45 million to-date towards the much-needed transformation of Burnaby’s beloved community hospital into a state-of-the-art facility. Burnaby Hospital Foundation continues to seek support to raise funds for the second phase of redevelopment.

For more information on the redevelopment of Burnaby Hospital, visit bhfoundation.ca/brightfuture