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Chinese medical dermatology represents one of the oldest continuously-practiced specialties in the world, with records describing doctors as trained skin specialists since at least 300 BC. Much experience has thus been gained over these past few thousand years, allowing doctors to offer herbal treatments that are both effective and safe – a major reason why it is now practiced in hospital settings all over the world, right alongside western medicine. I know this first hand because many of the doctors I trained with in England, while finishing my dermatology training, were western trained physicians – from countries like Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland – who had switched over to herbal medicines as their primary treatment choice. These doctors saw first hand the limitations of pharmaceutical medicines and, like me, are now using herbal medicines with good success to treat such complicated disorders as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, acne, and much more.

Anyone who has suffered with skin disease, or has tried to treat it, knows first hand just how difficult it can be to overcome. Changing the diet may not be enough to alleviate skin disease, as testified by many of the patients coming to visit me, and often leads to an unnecessary paranoia towards to food in general. Steroid creams may offer relief in the initial stages of a skin flare, but are actually a poor long term solution, as the side effects can do more damage than good. Thus the time tested methods of properly prescribed herbal medicine serve a good place in the management of skin disease.

A couple winters ago I helped a young woman who had been suffering with terrible eczema all over her body. She had tried eliminating many foods in her diet and had used many different kinds of vitamin supplements, but unfortunately she found no relief. The itchy rash was disturbing her sleep and lowering the quality of her life. She didn’t know what else to do except to go back to using steroid creams, which she did not want to do. From a Chinese medicine perspective this woman’s particular skin problem was due to deep-seated heat in her blood, which needed to be cooled through the use of a specially constructed herbal medicine formula.

Within a few weeks of drinking the herbal medicines her skin was virtually clear, for the first time in years. Her itch was gone, her sleep was better and her outlook on life had become very positive. Most recently I heard from this woman’s mother, who testified that her skin is still clear – now almost 2 years after stopping the herbal medicine treatment.

When it comes to managing skin disease everyone needs options that are safe and effective. With such a long history, Chinese herbal medicines are a good choice, but are best used through the guidance of a registered practitioner who, like the doctors of ancient times, have received specialty training in dermatology.

Dr. Erikson uses Chinese herbal medicines to treat a variety of skin conditions. He can be reached by phone at 778.886.1180 or through his website at www.drerikson.com.