The Power Of Meditation

Living in an age of ever-changing possibilities, today’s generation is highly prone to stress and mental pressures, leading us down to a long path of anxiety, trauma, panic, and depression.

The wonderful world of Yoga

On 21 June, the world will once again take a deep breath and stretch to celebrate the International Day of Yoga. This year’s celebration holds greater meaning; an inward journey may be the best antidote to the external checks placed on us by a confounding virus.

Surf’s Up!

There is so much to grapple with right now – the extraordinary changes and uncertainty brought about by COVID 19 and the gripping events reported in the news.  How can one make sense of all these events and experiences?  How can one navigate daily life through all this?

Timbers King’s Bryan Reid Sr. Shares Top Tips to FireSmart Your Home

Bryan Reid Sr. of Timber King’s fame is sharing his top three tips to help residents prepare for wildfire season using known FireSmart methods. In 2017, Bryan Reid lost a lot to wildfire. Now he’s an advocate for wildfire prevention and calling on all British Columbia residents and communities to prepare for the upcoming wildfire season by mitigating wildfire risks where they live. 

René Després unveils his new work…

The Scream (Skrik) (Le Cri) by Edvard Munch translates his obsession with death and personifies anguish as a style. This painting from 1893 is a typical example of expressionism showing man unburdening himself from his terrors. 

Pause; Take a Break!

When feeling stuck, in any activity, just stop for a moment – pause, take a short break, do something different. Connect with nature, dance, breathe and breathe deeply.  Its like unplugging and re-plugging yourself!