Broadmoor Neighborhood Association Donates $33,844 To Richmond Hospital Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund

Established in April 2017, Broadmoor Neighborhood Association (BNA) is a not-for-profit founded by a group of 200 community households dedicated to the safety of their community. The association initially came together to improve the well-being of their community by setting up Block Watches and safety training with the RCMP, managing a community help hotline and organizing street patrols.  

Genesis Retail Network Expands

“In 2020, with the launch of our first SUV, the GV80, we are bringing the Genesis brand to a broader Canadian audience. In addition to our expanding product lineup, we continue to grow our retail footprint nationwide.

Smart Financial Tips to Avoid Deferring Your Mortgage

If you’re thinking of hitting the “pause” button on your mortgage, be mindful that a deferral is not mortgage forgiveness; the payment is being delayed and the interest accrued during that period of time is added to the balance owing; directly impacting the total interest you’ll pay over the long term.