2019 Drishti Travel Guide: Europe 

Traveling to Europe is more fun all year round, with a long list of countries vying to be your next travel destination like England, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Germany. The best travel destinations in Europe remain the holy trinities of Paris, London, and Milan.

Tips For Traveling To India

The number of people visiting South Asia has gone up dramatically in the past few decades.  Most travelers to this region are those visiting friends and relatives. Traveling to India carries several risks, and they vary depending upon the itinerary, duration of travel, rural versus urban travel.

New Gadgets And Technology 2019

The world of technology and gadgetry is always evolving, and each New Year brings all sorts of innovations. This year is no exception as the many tech gadgets change to make our lives simpler, more time saving, and more effective.

Bal Brach – Telling Stories That Matter

Telling stories that make a difference was the reason Bal pursued journalism. In fifteen years, she has reported national breaking news while living in Ottawa, chased tornadoes and floods across Alberta, and pursued powerful organizations on behalf of the public in British Columbia.