COVID19 Special Feature

COVID-19 Survey: Your Current Experiences and Planning for the Future

We hope to recruit 5000 or more people from across Canada. We seek both people who have so far not contracted COVID-19 and those who have experienced it.  We seek participants from the general population of people age 55+ and from three minority groups: people who self-identify as LGBT, or South Asian or Chinese (Canada’s two largest visible minorities). All four groups are important to hear from,  if we are to “get it right” in coping with pandemics like COVID-19 now and in future.

Portable 3D-printed ventilators being developed at SFU

Low-cost 3D-printed mechanical ventilators are being designed and built at Simon Fraser University, in answer to the potential need for future resources as the fight against COVID-19 continues. 

“As an engineer, this is how I can help the community respond to COVID-19,” says Woo Soo Kim, a School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering associate professor, who is leading the project from his lab based at SFU’s Surrey campus.


In response to a continued upward trend in COVID-19 cases among young adults ages 20 to 29 years old in our region, Fraser Health is asking people in this demographic to become health influencers. This group will advise Fraser Health on new shareable social media content to help bend the curve of COVID-19.