Drishti Awards 2017

Drishti Awards

Drishti Awards Gala

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2017 at Aria Banquet Hall, Surrey

Drishti Awards Categories

Lifetime Achievement Award
A positive community activist with exceptional dedication, professionalism and vital contribution. An individual who, over the past 25 years or more, has made significant contributions to the community and has improved the quality of life for citizens or whose accomplishments have brought recognition to the community.

Drishti Business Person of the Year Award
An entrepreneur who has owned their business for at least ten years and has demonstrated exemplary business achievement, customer growth, community leadership, industry influence and entrepreneurial success in the past year. This is also a business owner who has earned public recognition and serves as a mentor for other entrepreneurs.

Excellence in Community Engagement Award
The Excellence in Community Engagement Award is to celebrate the value of collaboration having significance for our communities. Nominees in this category are individuals who have made exceptional contributions to improve the well being of individuals and families.

Young Professional of the Year Award
Nominee must be born on or after 1976 with two or more years of professional experience in their current career. Recognizes excellence, creativity and initiative in their business or profession in some or all of the following: Company Growth, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Community Service and a role model for other young people personally & professionally.

The Power of Youth Leadership Award
An individual, whose exceptional achievements have brought recognition to, or improved the quality of life in, community. The focus is on volunteer and community contributions not academic achievement. The Power of Youth Leadership Award recognizes and celebrates young progressive leaders who are driving change socially, economically and environmentally.

Outstanding Athlete Award
Nominees in this category are athletes with excellent physical prowess in competitive sports and fitness– who have shown leadership, pride and loyalty–and who have committed to give back to the community by sharing their talent.

Award for Innovation in The Arts
Nominees in this category are artists who will be recognized for their innovative body of work and enduring contribution to the Arts.

Innovation in Science and Technology Award
Nominees in this category are individuals who have done exceptional and innovative work in emerging areas such as (but not limited to) renewable energy, infrastructure, advanced materials, nanotechnology, intelligent transportation, water/waste management and treatment, food security, aerospace and telecommunications, Information Technologies, etc.

Health Achievement Award
Nowhere is the power of creativity more important than in healthcare, where it can help to preserve and transform lives. Health achievement award recognize the best of the best. Nominees in this category are individuals or organizations with exceptional accomplishments from the medical field and healthcare industry and their contributions to the progression in the field of medicine.

Phoenix Award
Triumph of the Human Spirit persist against all odds. Nominees in this category are individuals who have done exceptionally well in any field of endeavor through positive outlook and inspiring example and encountered some enormous challenges in life and who have triumphed in the end.