Community Happenings

BC-India Business Network (BCIBN) Founder And President Emeritus Vivek Savkur Received The Global Award For Community Leadership From Global Emerging Leadership Programs (GELP), At The BC-IBN Edu Summit 2022.

The Global Emerging Leadership Programs (GELP) honoured Vivek Savkur, Founder of BC-India Business Network (BCIBN) with GELP’s first annual Global Leadership Award. The award was presented at the Education Summit 2022 by Canadian Senator Mobina Jaffer, Omar Karim, Founder and President of GELP, Joel Hampson, Srividhya Mouli, Candidate from GELP’s Leadership Team and Sobhana Jaya-Madhavan, BC-India Business Network (BCIBN) new President. This award was presented to Vivek Savkur in honour of his outstanding leadership to community development, cross-cultural relationships, and dedication in years of service towards inspiring young leaders around the world.

BC-IBN’s Education Summit 20

BC-India Business Network’s Education Summit – Education in Uncertain Times will take place on May 6th, from 12.30-5.30 pm, at the Riverside Banquet Hall, in Surrey, BC.

Better Understand Your Community By Learning More About Surreycares Community Foundation.

SurreyCares Community Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization. Established in 1994, SurreyCares has served the City of Surrey and its people for over 26 years. It is one of 197 community foundations across Canada under the Community Foundations of Canada. Better known as a “charity for charities,” we serve the people of Surrey, working with community-minded individuals, families, businesses, and charitable agencies to create permanent endowment funds and then use the income to support hundreds of charities. SurreyCares is committed to inspiring donors, growing charitable endowments, and investing in people.

Richmond Hospital Foundation Presents #GratefulforYou Campaign on World Health Day to Celebrate Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers have been under a lot of pressure due to pandemic-related challenges. This World Health Day, Richmond Hospital Foundation is spreading heartfelt gratitude to the healthcare workers in Richmond for their endurance, selflessness, and dedication towards the health of the community. The #GratefulForYou campaign celebrates healthcare workers at Richmond Hospital and throughout the Richmond community of care.

BC-India Business Network (BC-IBN) Appoints A New President

While retirement is not in the cards, after nearly a decade, BC-IBN’s Founder and President Mr. Vivek Savkur has announced that on April 1, he will be passing on the BC-IBN torch to Sobhana Jaya-Madhavan, Associate Vice President of External Relations at Simon Fraser University (SFU).