My 10 Secrets to Success: Businessman Perminder Chohan’s new book an inspiring guide to achieving your dreams

South Asian businessman and philanthropist Perminder Chohan’s life is nothing short of an immigrant’s dream. His latest venture, a new book titled ‘My 10 Secrets to Success’ is not only an inspiring guide to achieving success in one’s career but a testament to how one resilient man who moved from India to Canada with a million dreams, never gave up and made them a reality. 

MLA Raj Chouhan on worker safety rights – Making sure you are safe at work

Ensuring the safety of workers was one of the reasons I first became politically active, and it will always be an issue I care about. For decades, farmworkers were left out of any legislated labour protections. Unfortunately it was common for workers to be severely injured or even killed as a result of unsafe working conditions.  That’s why I started advocating for farmworkers’ rights and protections.

Mitsubishi Motors Eyes Retail Expansion

Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc. recently announced its looking to expand its retail network in Atlantic Canada as it welcomes the first dealerships with its new global image in the region: Steele Mitsubishi in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Charlottetown Mitsubishi in P.E.I.