Where Do I Travel To Next?

Some Interesting Travel Destinations


In this day and age, things are pretty fast-paced, and societal issues and detriments take a toll on the wellbeing of our minds and bodies. We must take the time to nourish these aspects of ourselves so that we do not face health issues in the future. Through this platform, it is crucial to advocate for people to take some time and find themselves home in a vacation spot of their choice. From personal experience, I can say that a vacation can help alleviate stress, provide much-needed clarity on issues, provide family bonding time and a sense of self-discovery and rejuvenation. This lends itself to an often healthier and happier version of yourself that can attend to daily life with more calm and productivity. If this is something you hope to gain, then look no further than this article to get a small glimpse of the beautiful tourist sites to give your attention towards.

One of the most important places to consider traveling to would be Machu Picchu, Peru. It was built in the 15th century AD and was abandoned less than 100 years later. It is considered one of the best urban creations of the Inca Empire and was believed to be their sacred royal retreat. It also redeems itself to be one of the most integral heritage sites. It gifs the world a beautiful scenery from the 8000 feet mountain view of an array of biodiversity. Some places to divert attention would include the stairs leading up to the Sun Gate, which was utilized as a mechanism for people entering and exiting the city.

Furthermore, the Watchman’s hut provides a glimpse of the overall city and the beauty it bestows. The Temple of the Sun has one of the place’s finest stone works and was also used as an astronomical observatory. Other places to consider on your trip to Machu Picchu would be The Funerary stone, the Palace of the Princess, The Fountains, The Temple of Three Windows, Principal Temple.

Perhaps Machu Picchu does not resonate with you as much, or it’s a place you’ve already gifted your presence to before. Try and give your attention to planning a trip for Oia, a coastal town considered one of the most popular villages in Santorini, Greek. The town is gifted with traditional stone houses, beautiful verandas, blue-domed churches, world-renowned sunsets, and a view of a vast caldera filled with water. Some recommended places to travel to would be the port of Ammoundi which would involve descending 300 steps from a cliff. Oia’s famous 3 blue domes are one of the most photographed roofs in Santorini and highlight the Cycladic architecture. Oia Castle, also known as Fort Londsa, is one of the most favored destinations in this area, with opportunities for travelers to experience the world-renowned sunsets earlier mentioned. Other destination spots here include and are not limited to Atlantis Books, Cliff jumping on Amoudi Bay, Domaine Sigalas, Armeni Bay, Church of Panagia Platini.

To add, your list of places to travel should include Plitvice Lake, found on Croatia’s Adriatic Sea coast. It is considered the jewel of Croatia and even made the UNESCO World Heritage register in 1979. This lake consists of around 16 bodies that are interconnected with an abundant amount of waterfalls, and bridges, ranging from altitudes of 280 to 1000 meters. Feel free to enjoy the wildlife of Croatia’s wolves, and bears in this region, their beautiful water bodies, and boardwalks. Allocate some time to be acquainted with The Lower Lakes, Veliki Slap, Mali Buk, Gradinsko Lake, Galovac Lake, and other such places.

Moreover, don’t forget to give some attention to the Amalfi Coast, a 50km stretch of coastline in Italy. It is gifted with a view of the Aarzu sea, beaches, grand villas, vineyards, and cliffside lemon groves. They are best known for their limoncello liqueur if one wishes to indulge in this. Amalfi is the town of this famous coast and will present tourists with “centuries of intricate history, dramatic natural scenery, and delicious seafood.” To point everyone in the right direction, we suggest visiting Sorrento, a cathedral built in the 11th century, and the Town of Amalfi, a prominent tourist attraction blessed with multi-colored houses and fun souvenirs. Furthermore, some other places to possibly gaze your eyes upon during this trip would include Ravello, beaches of Maiori, fishing fleets at Catera, boat tour into the Grotta Dello Smeraldo cave.

Taj Mahal is an ivory-white marble mausoleum located in the city of Agra. It is considered “the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage.” The Taj Mahal, considered one of the famous 7 wonders of the world, symbolizes eternal love. It is also a popular tourist attraction under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is renowned for its golden history, its view of the Yamuna river, and its Mughal architecture. It has a famous Full Moon tour, and the Taj Mahal is made of 28 types of precious stones. It is considered the most visited monument in India and a significant contributor to India’s Golden triangle tour and should be one of the tourist attractions you partake in.

The world holds many beautiful tourist sites and attractions ranging from the Taj Mahal in India to Oia in Greece, that one should consider traveling towards. It is often easy for us to not give our efforts towards goals and ambitions that are not career-related in this day and age. However, it is integral that we expand our horizons and attend to goals around personal development, our mental wellbeing, our expansion of knowledge of the world around us, and even the time we give our family and friends. A vacation to one of these magnificent tourist sites can be a stepping stone towards reconnecting with these integral aspects of our lives, and we strongly encourage everyone to consider this!