Self Defence Gadgets for Canada

What is allowed and what isn't


Watching movies like John Wick or the recently released Nobody, one would think that Uzi machine guns or a SIG-Sauer P320 pistol are common everyday self-defense choices for your average Canadian.  Hey, you could pick one up at your local Walmart, can’t you?  The reality is Canada is significantly different.

Under Canadian Law, a person can use force or actions to defend oneself or another person in the face of a threat of harm to oneself or another person.  The defensive action must be reasonable under the circumstances and includes defensive action, not just force.

Always remember that you would, in all likelihood, be able to defend yourself using whatever means necessary under the circumstances to stop or prevent the attack on yourself or someone else.  The primary purpose of defensive measures is not to hurt or harm the attacker but rather to stop the attacker.

Now that you have had a Criminal 101 introduction to Canadian Self Defence Law, let’s dive into some valuable gadgets that will be of assistance in stopping an attacker if you encounter an attack situation.  The design of these items is to minimize the threat of attack, but the primary means of ensuring you are never facing this type of situation is prevention.  When walking at night or in unfamiliar surroundings, be in a group and stay in well-lit and busy areas.  Focus your visits to unfamiliar areas during daytime hours and always ensure you have advised loved ones or family of your whereabouts.

Unbreakable Umbrella

In the Lower Mainland, we face significant amounts of inclement weather.  Why not use your trusty umbrella as your best means of defense.  The Unbreakable Umbrella is an everyday umbrella constructed with reinforced carbon.  It easily doubles as a unique tool to ward off attackers or keep them at a distance, so they do not even get close to you.  Think of it as a steel rod that doubles as your rain shelter.  It comes in a retractable 18-inch design and full-length models that double as walking sticks and come with a straight or hooked handle.  Retail price: $150 – $200

Personal Alarm/Siren

These are keychain size devices that produce a high decibel siren designed to shock the attacker momentarily so that you can escape the attack.  They produce an ear piercing 130 to 150 decibel sound equivalent to hearing a fighter jet take off at full throttle from 50 feet away.  There are multiple forms of these alarms. They provide a very portable, discreet safety tool that can attach to your purse, keys, or bag and easily accessed if you ever find yourself in an attack situation.  Retail price: $15 – $25

Tactical Flashlight

A flashlight on steroids is the easiest way of defining this tool.  They can be purchased in multiple sizes and provided a high-powered light (1000 lumens or more) to blind your assailant momentarily.  Then they are equipped with a toothed bezel to act as a special tool if your attacker gets too close.  The Flashlight should be a staple tool in any person’s bag or purse.  It would allow the user to scan dark places, check the back seats of vehicles before entering or even underneath your vehicle.  Retail price: $50 – $60

Tactical Pen

These pens act as a multi-tool.  As its name indicates, it acts as your trusty everyday pen.  It also can serve as a flashlight and as a glass-breaking tool.   This function also doubles as a stabbing tool for emergency and self-defense purposes.  This multi-function is compact and easy to carry in the smallest bag but vital in self-defense situations. Retail price: $10 to $20

Arming yourself and skills

Arming yourself with the best self-defense devices or technology will only get you halfway there. You must learn how to use each device properly for maximum effect.  Having a Tactical pen or Flashlight won’t help you much if you cannot execute proper self-defense techniques during an emergency. Like firearms, these tools have a proper method to use them. Once you have chosen your self-defense tools, you should enroll in proper training courses to effectively heighten your ability to protect yourself, your family, and your home.

You may have your preference of tools and may also have an understanding of how these tools work. Regardless of your choice, how to use a device or weapon correctly is essential. It is also equally important to learn how to defend yourself even without tools or gadgets, suggesting that kickboxing and other types of self-defense courses are exceptionally useful.  Knowing how to react without hesitation when faced with danger and uncovering the ability to remain calm will be invaluable in your efforts to protect yourself, loved ones, or even another person.