As virtual-based life becomes the new standard, social media has become a primary source to communicate and connect billions of users around the globe.

The application launching in April 2021 creates a space for authenticity and wellness for social media users around the globe

TORONTO, ONTARIO | March 3, 2021 – As virtual-based life becomes the new standard, social media has become a primary source to communicate and connect billions of users around the globe. Social media has become an integral part of daily life to maintain relationships and feel connected during a period where in-person interaction is limited. Its impact is undisputed; however, concerns over the negative effects of this widespread adoption are becoming more common. Noting these concerns, Gravvity, a bold new company on a mission to give the world a healthier and more empowering social experience, developed an application to address the flaws in the current social dynamic and build an empowering new future.

Launching in April 2021, Gravvity is a next-generation chat and social engagement app that enables users to combine and filter their social feeds. Anchored in transparency, Gravvity provides a new approach that empowers its users and places their needs at the centre of the platform to build a personalized, healthier, and happier social media lifestyle.

Currently, most platforms are built by developers and designed to extend users’ sessions, facilitating addiction through increased use and creating unhealthy habits. These habits heavily impact the way users think and communicate in their everyday lives. Social media platforms have evolved into influential spaces, and too often users fall victim to inauthentic, insincere experiences that cause more harm than good.

While social media users are becoming more aware of the emotional, mental and personal costs paid when using social media platforms, they currently have no alternatives outside of leaving the platform altogether. With this growing awareness, the belief that social media is free is rapidly being replaced by the knowledge of these steep hidden costs.

“Social media apps are exploiting people for their data and attention”,” said Jerry Chien, Co-Founder, and CEO of Gravvity. “Our mission is to empower people to enjoy the benefits of being socially connected without being exploited.”

Gravvity creates a space where users can have authentic conversations and develop real connections. The Gravvity app includes various features such as the removal of like and follower counts, a chat experience that cuts the fear of missing out and a fully customizable, chronologically ordered social feed free of spam and manipulative algorithms to create a space for authenticity to thrive.

By distinguishing itself from existing social media with its attention to design, personalized approach and transparency in all actions, Gravvity aims to build trust and build a better future. With billions of existing users looking for a better social media experience, Gravvity is poised to disrupt the industry and improve how people engage with each other online.

Gravvity’s early access waitlist is now live, with limited spots available.  For more information, visit Gravvity and sign up for early access to be a part of a healthier social experience.