Best Gadgets For 2020 

Want to buy the latest tech gadgets on the market? We review 2020's best gadgets and most innovative technology on offer now, from phones to hotspots, pocket translators and iPads. A lot more to come as the year progresses.

By Vineel Rajan

Want to buy the latest tech gadgets on the market? We review 2020’s best gadgets and most innovative technology on offer now, from phones to hotspots, pocket translators and iPads. A lot more to come as the year progresses:

  • Skyroam Solis X WiFi Smartspot,

This new portable WIFI hotspot from Skyroam is a cut above the rest, offering a range of other amenities in addition to providing 4G connection wherever in the world your travels take you. This small but mighty device boasts a wide angle camera lens, a smart assistant, a powerbank for charging your other electronics and the ability to connect with up to 10 different devices simultaneously. Ideal for keeping you safe, entertained and up-to-date while travelling.  $179.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+,

The latest tech offering from Samsung once again places the brand on an even playing field with its competitors. The Galaxy Note 10+ boasts an expansive, high-quality screen, professional-standard cameras and laptop-level storage packed into mobile size. Available with either a 6.3 or 6.8 inch screen, the Note 10+ offers super-fast charging and extra-long battery as well as speedy processors that make gaming, downloading and streaming quality even better than before. What also sets this phone apart is the ‘note function’. Complete with an S Pen, users can jot down notes or create doodles by hand on the phone’s screen and then instantly save, upload or share their work. The pen can also be used to control applications and functions on the phone, such as moving the camera angle or lowering the volume.  Priced from $749.

  • Amazon Echo Show 5,

The echo Show 5 from Amazon offers an advanced step up from the previous handsfree amazon echo speaker. The updated version has all the features of the classic echo such as the abilities to research information, make calls and play music but now has a 5.5 inch screen for added effect. This new technology means that users can now ask Alexa anything and be shown answers; follow step-by-step recipes, watch shows and TV or connect with family and friends via video calling. Added features include the ability to connect with and playback your home security camera footage, control lights and thermostats or simply display your favourite photos on the interface. Alexa is back and better than ever. From $59 – $79.

  • Bose Audio Sunglasses

The new audio sunglasses from Bose signal that the future really is here. While providing UV protection, these wearable devices can be used to play music, make and answer calls and connect to bluetooth. They can be pared with your other devices and are capable of accessing apps including Spotify, Skype or Google Maps. Eventually Bose hopes to offer sunglasses that can be connected to fitness and gaming apps too. There are currently two frame shapes to choose from; Alto and Rondo.  Priced from $199.

  • Pocketalk Voice Translator

For the well-travelled, the pocketalk voice translator is a must-have gadget. Wherever your next trip takes you, this pocket-sized tech translator will be able to make communication smoother between foreigners and locals. Simply speak into the device in your mother tongue and the conversation will be instantly translated on the device’s screen. Up to 74 different languages have been programmed on the device and its built-in data and advanced microphones will ensure that nothing is ever lost in translation.  Priced from: $249.


  • 9in iPad Pro,

Apple’s top-of-the-range tablet has been given a serious makeover with a tiny bezel that increases the size of the Liquid Retina screen without upping the overall dimensions; in fact, Apple has managed to shrink the casing down to a paltry 5.9mm thick. Gone is the home button, replaced by Face ID and a series of intuitive gesture controls, while the much-maligned Lightning cable has been replaced by USB-C, and the Apple Pencil has been redesigned and now charges wirelessly from the iPad. If you like the ease of tablets and you’re looking to replace your laptop you’ll not find better, especially if you opt for 1TB memory and both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. Priced from $1,120.

  • Vaonis Stellina portable smart telescope,

Point it skyward, connect the app, choose your constellation and let the Vaonis Stellina do the rest. No bigger than a briefcase (11.2kg, 49cm by 39cm by 13cm), this motorised smart telescope takes total control of the image processing, tracking the star, planet or constellation while overlaying multiple exposures to reduce noise and create a spectacular galaxy-worthy photograph. Priced from $120.

  • Anden Apple Watch Valet

Born out of a desire to create beautiful and tactile tech accessories using traditional carpentry techniques and the finest materials, the Valet is the first design from new luxury brand Anden. It provides an elegant stand for charging your Apple Watch as well as four perfectly proportioned slots for any spare watch straps. Available in sustainably sourced walnut, maple and cherry wood or in limited-edition heavyweight pure white Corian. Priced from   $117 – $300.