New Gadgets And Technology 2019

The world of technology and gadgetry is always evolving, and each New Year brings all sorts of innovations. This year is no exception as the many tech gadgets change to make our lives simpler, more time saving, and more effective.

BY Shirleen Savika

The world of technology and gadgetry is always evolving, and each New Year brings all sorts of innovations.  This year is no exception as the many tech gadgets change to make our lives simpler, more time saving, and more effective.  Continued Research and Development is happening all the time as some the brightest of minds around the world collaborate on making the earth and its inhabitants happier and healthier. Here’s a look –

Intel’s New Vaunt Projection Eyeglasses

Intel’s new Vaunt Smart glasses, designed to be compact, offer a streamlined design that’s vastly more user-friendly than previous chunky, clunky designs. There is no mistaking that these glasses look exactly like regular eyeglasses and are available in various prescription lenses. This means users can enjoy its benefits throughout the day without attracting unwanted stares or having to deal with uncomfortable equipment. It projects information onto your retina as you go about your day, without the previous clumsy Cameras, and microphones that made one look a bit weird! From $399

IKEA –Symfonisk speakers and audio accessories

The home and lifestyle giant IKEA has been working on ways to integrate smart home technologies into their products for some time, aiming for a holistic experience of design and technological function. Partnering with California audio company Sonos in 2016, they began developing a new line of speakers and audio accessories that will “save space, get rid of cords and clutter, and bring sound and music into the home in a more beautiful way.” After sharing their first prototype speaker in June 2018, IKEA expects their collaboration with Sonos, the SYMFONISK range, will be available at the end of the summer in 2019. Price from $299

Motorola Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch

The Motorola Moto 360 Sports Smartwatch is for active people who want just the bare essentials of a standard smartwatch. These include displaying notifications, cards, and prompts. The Motorola Moto 360 Sports Smartwatch, also features a heartbeat, display GPS information, and issue step-by-step navigational instructions. It is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems. Its wireless charging capability means you don’t have to carry a charger around. From $199.


The Movi Smartphone and Built-In 720p Projector

Ever tried watching a motion picture film on your Smartphone? Well, now you can use a phone to project an even bigger screen. The Movi Smartphone and Built-In 720p Projector is for Android phones and can project 720p videos with ease for some at-home entertainment. It’s the perfect phone for a movie buff to own, and you don’t need a TV! From $599

Moodo Fragrance Box

The Moodo Fragrance Box keeps your interior ambiance fresh and healthy without those annoying air fresheners. The Fragrance Box can be operated by a smartphone app as well as a smart home hub. Using either interface, you can determine the type of fragrance and the intensity via the special fragrance capsules that are located in the machine. It operates via the internet or the Wi-Fi network. From $189

Ruggie Alarm Clock – The Original Rug Carpet Alarm Clock 

The Ruggie Alarm Clock and original rug carpet is no novelty, but a perfect solution for your lifestyle needs. If you have a problem getting up, this may be the answer! The alarm is operated by a unique pressure sensor that stops the alarm operation. More so, the inclusion of the LOUD feature does well to inform you on when to wake up. Also included is a personalized motivation MP3 that will reward you when you get out of bed! From $69.00

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Compact Drone 

The continued evolution of the drone continues. The Parrot Bebop 2 FPV drone is one such example, and it’s perfect for the beginner or experienced drone operator. This drone moves easily through even the tightest of spots. It also features an ultra-precise piloting feature and an up to 25 minutes of flight time, FPV goggles, and extended flight range time. With the additional parrot cockpit glasses included, this drone provides an immersive flight experience each time. The drone is also easier to control, and it comes with various other accessories as well. From $299

The Phillips SmartSleep Headband

The Phillips SmartSleep Headband helps you get the most out of the sleep when your head hits the pillow, and you do actually drop off. The headband apparently emits a tone that can improve slow wave sleep. The slow wave sleep is when the brain and the breathing slow down to their lowest. Basically, this sleep aid helps in the restoration and recovery of brain cells as well as memory. If this headband boosts slow wave activity, it will make your brain repair and restore itself that much faster. From $399

Samsung’s Modular TV, The Wall

When you want more than just another smart TV, you should look towards Samsung’s latest offering called The Wall. According to Samsung, TV should not be only one constant size – you should be able to resize the TV according to your needs. And so they thought of a 146-inch TV that they are now branding as the world’s first modular TV. This particular TV can be used and positioned in multiple ways and in so, become a multipurpose display. You can choose to have a “smaller TV,” and the surrounding screens will work to blend in with the walls. You can also go full size for a more intense viewing experience. Price to be announced.