Drishti Gadget Guide December 2018

The long march of technology does not cease. It may all a bit much to keep up with, but the development of the newest gadgets can help our busy lifestyle become a bit easier. So what are the some of the newer gadgets that are in the market?  No arena is left untouched as technology begins to apply to almost every facet of our daily life: Here is a sample of what’s out there for the New Year.

Amazon Echo Dot  

You can do just about anything with the Echo DOT, (2nd Generation) It’s  a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Amazons Alexa voice operating system to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, read the news, set alarms, and more. It fits almost anywhere in your home or office.  Thanks to the screen you can easily watch video flash briefings, see music lyrics, check weather forecasts, add to your to-do and shopping lists, listen to Audible audiobooks, and more and so much more!  It also comes in a cool black option too! Priced from $54.99

LuMee Duo Light-Up Phone Case

Now you can get the perfect lighting for your endless selfies each and every time! The New LuMee Duo Light-Up Phone Case has some really soft and pleasing lighting options whether you’re looking to snap a picture or record a video.  This one comes with so many different style options to choose from like pearl white, black, rose gold, pink, white marble, silver mirror and more.  There are a number of versions to fit the iPhone range and other smartphones. From $65.00

The Garmin ‘Speak Plus’ with Built-In Dash Cam

This in-car camera and navigation system from Garmin is multi-functional as it will not only   provide you directions via their turn-by-turn navigation, it’s  built-in dash cam records your drive and will even help you out by alerting you of lane departure warnings, forward collisions and more!  Amazons Alexa is also included so you can use your voice to check traffic, weather, and more. There is a hard drive and its super small and so sleek that you’ll barely notice it’s even there! Priced from $277.

Micro Bluetooth Soundlink Speaker by Bose

You can’t go wrong with any speaker from the much respected Bose speaker company, and this little portable bluetooth speaker punches way above its weight and size when it comes to sound quality It’s waterproof, so safe for the beach and camping and has a battery life that last 6-hours on a full charge, and has wireless range up to 30-feet away.  Plus, it’s priced pretty low too when it comes to quality wireless speakers. $129.00

The Tech Doorbell:  Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This 2-way video doorbell allows you to see, hear, and speak to anyone who ‘rings’ your doorbell via your smartphone or computer.  It’s 1080p HD quality video and will still work in 5 below to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Plus, you thanks to the infrared night vision you can check on who’s out there in the middle of the night. Priced from $299

The Dyson Pure Hot/Cool Air Purifier

The Dyson pure hot cool link Purifier heater has triple functionality. It purifies all year round, quickly heats the whole room in winter and keeps you cool as a fan in summer.  As a purifier, it removes 99.97Percent of allergens as small as 0.3 microns from your home. Its 360˚, vacuum-sealed glass HEPA filter also helps capture odors and harmful toxins it purifies intelligently – automatically Monitoring and Reacting. It then reports to the Dyson link app so you can remotely control your environment. A typically sleek and technology Dyson product, you can’t go wrong with this. Priced from $899

The Summer Infant Touchscreen Baby Monitor

One of the best baby monitors in the market, the summer camera features the excellent SleepZone Virtual Boundary where you can set up a boundary box (via the touchscreen) and if your baby leaves that ‘safe boundary space’ you’ll be alerted.  Also, the 360 Tilt Camera Steering is handy and as you move the monitor up or down, or side-to-side, the camera will actually mimic your motions so you can view any baby better! Priced from $213

The New GoPro Fusion sport camera

GoPro are the undisputed leaders in portable sports video and the latest version does not disappoint. This new GoPro is pretty much like having an entire film crew with you recording all of your adventures.  It’ll record all your spherical video and photos (and you can choose your favorites later).  Plus, easily watch it back in VR or use OverCapture to create traditional videos and photos you can share right on your phone. Its waterproof, can easily mount to your helmet, bluetooth and wi-fi enabled, time lapse and photo burst features, and one-button control.  What’s better than that!  It’s a total upgrade from the GoPro 6. On sale from $777.

The Arccos Caddie Smart Golf Sensors

Get ready to totally up your golf game. The Arccos Caddie  operates as your very own personal caddie.  Developed in partnership with Microsoft, Arccos Caddie uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized club recommendations and optimal strategies based on your performance data.  Arccos Caddie is hands-free and fully automatic. Unlike competing products, it requires no tagging, tapping or other annoying disruptions to a player’s routine. Just the thing for the budding Vijay Singh or Tiger Woods in your family! Priced from $471 – $636