Drishti Gadgets

From smart tech to new gadgets, here’s what we’re looking forward to in 2018

Frigondas Microwave and Freezer in one!

A microwave that’s also a refrigerator.  Frigondas, a Spanish-Korean company, has developed a microwave that can also “blast chill” foods. In other words, it can rapidly freeze fresh foods to preserve their texture, and chill drinks almost instantly. This flash-freezer/microwave product can take food from room temperature to negative four degrees Fahrenheit in about six minutes.  The company has indicated it is ready to take it to manufacturing. While it’s not clear when the microwave/freezer combo will be on the market, it may be sooner rather than later. Price $1,000.

Nespresso Essenza Mini

Touted as the world’s smallest Nespresso machine, the Essenza Mini allows making espresso at home using Nespresso pods easy. However, the devices were always pretty bulky. The new Essenza Mini changes that. It’s just 4.3 inches wide, 8 inches deep, and 12.8 tall. Plus, new third-party pods are recyclable and even biodegradable. The Nespresso Essenza Mini is the smallest, yet it retains all of the great features of bigger Nespresso machines and, most important of all, the taste. The Nespresso Essenza Mini is only $149$ (179 $CA) and available now on the Nespresso website as well as Amazon.

Vimble S  Photo phone stabilizer

Vimble S is the device that allows you to take photos and videos having a professional look. This premium mobile phone stabilizer has a built-in feature of keeping an eye on your face, and it tracks you automatically without the assistance of a second person. With the help of this phone stabilizer, you can quickly film the scenes in both portraits as well as landscape layout. In addition to characteristics like following faces and stabilizing footages, Vimble S is capable of having camera controls with the help of integrated control panel. Controls like zoom, expose, white balance and focus are possible with built-in controls in handle of Vimble S. Price: $239

DBell: Smart Wireless Wi-Fi Video Camera Doorbell

Dbell, the smart video doorbell enables you to check who is at the door from your smartphone. You can monitor it on your tablet, PC or TV. Every time a visitor press the doorbell the wireless and Wi-Fi connected dbell lets you answer the door. Dbell, the smart video doorbell comprises of most awaited features of a video doorbell. In addition to the ease of access to your door, it is also the ultimate security solution.  There is a wide angle 160-degree camera for video capturing and a motion sensor with night vision to see in the dark. Price: $139

Prynt iPhone Case- Print Snaps Instantly & Portable

Here is the option to enjoy and share photos in hard copy instantly in a solid way with Prynt iPhone Case for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. To make your pictures real again, Prynt is the ever first photo print case for iPhone. All that you are required to do is connect your iPhone to the case and get high-quality HD prints of your favorite photos. The big thing for this device is that it provides you with an opportunity to print your photos instantly, and anywhere. Prynt uses an ink-free technology, so you don’t have to pay for messy cartridges.  This is the first mobile phone printer to convert the photo shots into pictures anytime and anywhere. Price: $119

Bonbon Sofa and Bunk Bed 2 in 1

An innovative piece of furniture which transforms from a sofa into a bunk bed in just 12 seconds has gone on the market. The modern, contemporary sofa easily can accommodate two adults.

Users simply lift up the cushions, which allows the bottom of the sofa to move to the top – transforming it into a bunk bed. Price: $3,000

Selfly flying drone, phone case, and camera

Drones and selfies have both been huge trends in technology in recent years, so it’s no surprise to see a boom in drones that take selfies. But selfly goes a step further. Not only is it a drone that can fly off and take a photo of you and your friends, but it also doubles as a case for your smartphone. That way, you’ll never be without your drone should a suitable selfie opportunity arise. The Selfly is only 9mm (3/8in) thin and easily fits in your pocket. Price: $99