Finishing the Wedding Day Marathon

South Asian weddings are often very elaborate events, requiring a great deal of planning, energy and probably what is most important for the bride and groom – PATIENCE. Often they are so busy with making sure everything goes well that they forget to enjoy the moment. Here are some ideas on ways to make the big event a truly magical day.

It’s very early in the morning – so early that it’s still pitch dark outside – but there’s no time to waste. The bride needs to get ready for her big day. She looks at her lengha hanging in the closet – marvelling at its finely stitched embroidery. Across town, the groom is also awake – he’s staring at his beard in the mirror, checking to see if it needs any last-minute touch-ups.

It was a late night for both the bride and the groom – what with all the last-minute family celebrations – and both haven’t slept well in days, but the excitement for what lies ahead keeps them going. Some couples are lucky enough to book their wedding and reception on two separate days, meaning that slight delays are no big deal – but for this couple, as with most couples, the wedding and reception are on the same day, meaning time is of the essence.

The first hiccup of the day occurs when one of the groomsmen arrives late to the groom’s house (he partied a little too hard the night before!) Then, after the ceremony, the bride and groom have to rush to eat their lunch – they have no time to waste as they have to go to the park for pictures. With so many family members wanting pictures with the new couple, the time at the park again takes longer than anticipated. Once again, they fall further behind schedule. After the park, it’s off to the bride’s home and then after that, it’s off to the groom’s house. They are both exhausted, but there’s not time to rest. After all, it’s time to get ready for the reception party!

With hundreds (or even in some cases, thousands) of guests (including many out-of-towners) expected to attend, and great financial expenses involved, the wedding day can inherently be stressful.  Add in any type of unforeseen delay and the stress level will definitely be ratcheted up. While the bride and groom will naturally fret about these types of events, there are some important steps they can take to ensure that at least at some point they will be able to slow things down and enjoy the moment.

  • Have a Plan B (and even a Plan C and Plan D!)
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff: it’s your big day – remember the moments, not the little things. If the guests don’t get their chai on time in the morning, they’ll survive
  • Remember the quote: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. This means have the wisdom to know what you can change (things that are in your control) and can’t change (things you can’t control – you can’t change the fact the groomsman arrives late for example)
  • Finally, consider finding a Wedding Planner, whose job it is to manage a lot of the stress of the day!