Eggless Ice Cream Cake

1. Muffin crumbs
2. 1 packet pudding mix, pistachio flavor
3. Vanilla Ice cream
4. Walnuts and Pistachios, unsalted and chopped

1. Crush the muffins in a food processor.
2. Use a 9 inch round cake pan line the pan with plastic wrap completely covering the entire pan and also leave some extra outside to lift the cake with the wrap once it freezes.
3. Press half the quantity of muffin crumbs on the bottom of the pan, nice and firm. Reserved the other half for another layer.
4. Prepared the pudding as per the directions of the package. pour the mix in milk and stir. Also mix some chopped pistachios to the pudding.
5. Now top the crumbs with the pudding and form a nice thick layer and top it with pistachios again.
6. Top the pudding layer with the remaining muffin crumbs.
7. Now a layer of vanilla ice cream over the muffin crumbs. Microwave the ice cream with the paper container for 15-25 seconds, to spread it. Give the final touch of adding some more walnuts and pistachios.
8. Freezing for 4 hours should be fine. Carefully remove the cake with the help of the plastic wrap. Slice and serve it!

You will miss Indian Cassata ice cream.
The taste is out of the world.