Fruit Delight & Badam Phirni

puddingFruit Delight Pudding

Here’s a delicious pudding recipethat can be served chilled anytime

1 cup Red Jelly
1 cup Green Jelly
1 Tin Mix Fruit
1 small Cake
3 cup Fresh Cream
1 cup Milk
1 tsp Custard Powder
4 tsp Sugar
1 Orange
1 Apple
1 cup Grapes
1 slice Pineapple

• Mix the custard powder in a little milk
• Boil the rest of the milk
• When the milk boils, keep stiring, add the dissolved custard powder to the milk , and add the sugar
• When the mixture thickens put off the flame
• Beat the cream till frothy
• Cut the fruits in small pieces
• Cut small pieces of the cake
• Prepare both the jellies as instructed on the packet
• In a bowl mix the pieces of cakes, mix fruits, custard, tin fruits, half jelly and half cream 
• Let this mixture set in the refrigerator
• When fully set take it out and decorate with the rest of the jelly and cream.

AlmondpuddingBADAM PHIRMI (Almond Pudding)

2 cups milk
2 tbsp rice
3 tbsp sugar
1/4th cup blanchedalmonds (sliced)
1 tsp green cardamom (crushed)
1/2 tsp kewra essencesilver or gold foilpaper (varak)

• Soak rice in water for few hours, then drain water and grind rice into a smooth paste
• In a non-stick saucepan bring milk. Over a moderately low heat add rice, sugar and cardamom and stir constantly till milk turns thick
• Remove from heat and add almonds• Put in serving bowl and chill
• Garnish the badam phirni with silver or gold foil paper (varak) and serve