RUPA MARCUS – The Importance Of Diversity & Equality At The Work Place

Walking into the Real Canadian Superstore on King George Highway in Surrey, shoppers feel a sense of satisfaction, knowing that whatever they intend to buy, they will find them with ease.

Walking into the Real Canadian Superstore on King George Highway in Surrey, shoppers feel a sense of satisfaction, knowing that whatever they intend to buy, they will find them with ease.  The store is nicely laid out, colorful, and organized with many employees bustling about to make the daily operation run smoothly.  Upon closer observation, you can see within these dedicated employees, working alongside with them is Store Manager Rupa Marcus.  She is lifting pallets of water and stacking them.  She’s down-to-earth,  tenacious, yet humble.  She is a boss who takes pride in checking in with her employees.  When asked what drives her, she talks about human connection.  She wants to make sure her employees and her customers are always “doing okay.” She greets each person with a smile and a positive demeanor,  showing an interest in each and everyone she meets, for “the bonds we share are everlasting,” and that is her mantra—in work and in life.

When Rupa Marcus took a part-time job in 1996 with Loblaws, which was The Real Canadian Superstore in Metrotown, she had not realized that she had just embarked on a career that would fulfill her dream.  She had planned to have a career in the dental field but soon realized that her passion was connecting with people on a human level.  She enjoyed interacting with customers and co-workers alike. In 2006 she was promoted to Housewares Supervisor and was part of a team that opened a new location in Pitt Meadows.  In 2008, Rupa was promoted to Assistant Store Manager in Mission.  From 2009-2012 she served as Assistant Store Manager at the Langley location.  Then, after marrying and becoming a mother, she returned to her career at the Grandview Store in Vancouver.  In 2013, she was transferred to Coquitlam, then in Richmond in 2015.  The following year, she was at the Delta location.  Finally, on June 25, 2018, her life’s ambition paid off.  Rupa Marcus was promoted as the Store Manager at the King George location. Working tirelessly for the last 20 plus years and moving to 13 different stores, Rupa had paid her dues.  She had fulfilled her personal goal.

Being a wife, she is also a devoted mother to her two boys, which, she considers as her most significant accomplishment in life.  She refers to her husband as “a pillar of strength.” Being the daughter of parents who immigrated to Canada to make a better life for their children, Rupa has a strong foundation of support.  Her mother maintained and managed their home life while her father worked outside the home.  She attributes her success to sharing her father’s unwavering work ethic.  Although she works long hours, she makes sure to find the balance of what she loves to do, as well as being a hands-on mom to her boys.

The Real Canadian Superstore is located at 7550 King George Highway, the flagship store for International items.  Products from the Philippines, East/South Asia, and the Caribbean are just a few of what they carry.  Their biggest seller at this location is Sher Atta.  The store provides a full range of products and services to meet everyone’s everyday needs.  It is convenient for customers to fill prescriptions within the pharmacy, medical clinic, and optical department.  The customers can also do their banking needs.  Most recently, this location has opened a liquor store.

Rupa is fluent in Punjabi and understands Hindi.  When describing herself and why she thinks Loblaws has been a good fit, she says among other things, that it is her amiable view in life.  “I bring a different culture to the store, everyone has flaws and strength. Not every day is going to be a good day, but you just go with it.”

When asked, “Why Loblaws?”  Rupa replied, “It is a growing company that promotes the values I believe in—diversity and equality.”  Looking toward the future, and continuing to break barriers for females in management, Rupa has set her sights on her goal of becoming a District Manager, and then one day, perhaps, as a Regional Manager.

When you see her, greet her and say hello!