SAJE BRAR: Achieving Her Personal Best

Excelling both as a person an athlete and mostly as a student, Saje has always strived to be Number 1 in all facets of her life. This personal ambition has also influenced many of her friends to stay focused and excel in whatever task they may be doing. From an early age, Saje has been an incredibly kind and loving person and would be there, not just for her family and friends, but also for anyone who would require her help. She volunteers her time to help others with school needs, and she is also actively involved in local politics.

Her personal and long-term goal is to graduate with a degree from Yale University, return to Canada and enter politics and become Canada’s first elected female Prime Minister (since Prime Minister Kim Campbell was an appointed Prime Minister). Loyalty is one of Saje’s greatest hallmarks, and her first visit to Yale proved this. Before visiting Yale, she had received multiple commitments from multiple schools. But, she only visited Yale University, and never bothered to drop by in the other schools. She fell in love with Yale and its coaching staff. While driving back to the airport from Yale, she was approached by other Ivy League schools to come and visit while she was in town. But, she turned them all down.

“I have found what I’ve dreamed of and I require nothing more,” she quipped. From then on, Saje has spent most of her time promoting her future school in newspapers, magazines, and television interviews.

Snapshot of Saje’s current high school day!

To be a high-level student-athlete requires an incredible amount of dedication and personal motivation. On most given days Saje wakes up at around 4:30 AM she leaves the house 5:30 am to arrive at school before 6:45 am. She begins a gym or fitness session at 7 AM until 8 AM, at 8:30 starts school and finishes at 1:30 PM. Saje and her teammates will walk or bus to the White Caps training facility at 2 o’clock they will go in for a team meeting, and 2:30 pm formal training begins and completes at 4:30 PM. With another hour of commuting back home, Saje goes directly to study lessons until 7:30 PM grab a quick dinner and then continues to study till 10:30 PM. When speaking to other students, Saje realizes that many don’t understand how much work it takes to be a student-athlete.

Sajes hobbies include playing the guitar, collecting coins. Favorite type of food is Italian, Saje loves traveling exploring the world and significant historical sites. Saje has gone to China, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, The United States, and Caribbean islands.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC, this prestigious training center is home to the best female players from all of Canada. Whitecaps REX Super enter is one of the highest levels for an amateur female athlete to play soccer in Canada. In partnership with the Canadian Soccer Association, BC Soccer, and the MLS Vancouver Whitecaps FC. The small group of players trains to one day have an opportunity to play for Canada on the youth and national teams. Only a small select group of players are chosen.

Here are some of Sajes current soccer accolades.

  • July 2017 chosen to represent British Columbia on team BC for the Canada Summer Games. January 2017 invited to the National Canadian U 20 EXCEL identification camp.
  • July 2016, was given an opportunity to train with the Canadian National team players before they left for the Rio Olympics.

November 2016, represented Vancouver Whitecaps in the Silverlakes college showcase tournament.

  • September 2015 selected for the Vancouver Whitecaps REX Program
  • October 2015 chosen to play in the Canadian National Championships receiving a bronze medal playing as a 14-year-old against 18 to 19-year-olds.
  • 2013 to 2014 was selected for the BC Provincial development team also Saje had the fastest sprint time and arrowhead time for the team was selected for the Canadian player identification game played at The University of British Columbia Thunderbird stadium 1 to 2 years above her age.
  • 2012 to 2013 was selected to play in the high-performance league with Coastal FC, Saje was also selected to play on the 1st team of Sea Side Volleyball, played rugby with Elgin Parks senior team. Also represented Ocean Athletics in the 300 m Benton women’s outdoor track. Sage also was awarded the Adidas Golden Boot award at the Adidas cup.
  • Selected to the BC provincial team, again as one of the youngest players.
  • 2011 to 2012 selected for the Vancouver Whitecaps prospect program, Sage was also selected to the BC high-performance soccer league BCSPL Mariners and was selected Captain of her team.
  • Selected at the U13 BC provincial development team and was selected to play in the Canadian All-Star game of Player distinction.

Nike crossfire tournament champions.

  • 2009 to 2010, Las Vegas mayors cup champions, south district girls champions, Vancouver Whitecaps prospect FC player.