Daljit Thind Honored with Jewel of Punjab Award


Daljit’s accomplishments have been acknowledged and immortalized in a recent coffee-table book entitled “Jewels of Punjab: Leading Global Punjabi Personalities,”

Not one to rest on his accomplishments, Daljit Thind continues to garner worldwide recognition—yet remains humble and always grateful.

Daljit Thind is renowned for his accomplishments as a businessman, philanthropist, and supporter of the arts. Raised in the village of Rachian, Ludhiana, Daljit graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Rohtak. He had intended to work as a Pharmacist, but when he immigrated to Canada in 1993, his credential was not recognized, and he had to take up whatever jobs he could find to pay the bills. By the mid-1990s,  Daljit turned his attention to real estate. Initially, he began to purchase land, tear down properties and build new homes on that land. That eventually mushroomed into a multi-million dollar real estate company.

In just two decades, Daljit’s real estate company has successfully developed numerous significant projects around Metro Vancouver. Thind Properties has developed thousands of homes, and has plans to develop thousands more over the next few years. Within his developments, Thind has often allotted residences for low-income families.

“I wanted to be different than other developers,” he explains. “We are working with partners, both government and non-profit, to build homes for low-income families over the next few years.”

Thind Properties is considered one of the leading property development organizations in Metro Vancouver, garnering numerous recognition and awards for innovation and environmentally-sensitive design along the way.

Daljit Thind has also donated and supported various charitable causes, such as helping Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society’s multicultural senior home and providing rent-free housing to Syrian refugees arriving in Canada during their initial settlement phase. He also supports several schools in the Punjab, providing for the educational needs of hundreds of children. And he sponsored the mega-event Times of India Film Awards, held in Vancouver in 2013. That event brought out the best and brightest from Bollywood, along with major movers and shakers locally, and was broadcast to an estimated 400 million people, in addition to pouring millions into the local economy. And of course, Daljit Thind has been a valued supporter of the DRISHTI Magazine Awards Gala celebrating Innovation and Achievement within the community.

“I believe in giving back to the community, it is just very much a part of what I am,” Daljit muses. “My religion, my Gurus, all ask us to be grateful for what we have, and to give back to others, especially those who are less fortunate.” Daljit’s ability to grow, learn, and ultimately persevere—are among his greatest attributes.         His accomplishments have been acknowledged and immortalized in a recent coffee-table book entitled “Jewels of Punjab: Leading Global Punjabi Personalities,” published by the World Punjabi Organization in association with Maneesh Media. The book is described in a media release as “an ode to all those Punjabis who have struggled, loved, and made India proud even while staying beyond the boundaries of the nation.” This is a significant recognition, with only five people chosen from the Metro Vancouver region to be honored within the book. Distinguished leaders from business, health, politics and other fields from all around the world, who can trace their heritage to the Punjab, were recognized in this must-read book.

“Jewels of Punjab: Leading Global Punjabi Personalities,” details Daljit’s humble beginnings in India to his early years in Canada, where he often worked many types of labor jobs to make ends meet, to ultimately finding a career in real estate and development. When asked, “What keeps you going?” Daljit is quoted in the book as saying

“The minute I’ve mastered something, I think to myself ‘OK. I’ve got that down. Now, what else can I do?’ And the only way I can find out is to keep trying, working hard, and waiting for the outcome I want to see.”

Daljit Thind and his wife Harinder Kaur, are proud parents to twins Paul and Priya, and youngest son, Gary.

“Jewels of Punjab: Leading Global Punjabi Personalities,” was released on August 14th, 2017, the eve of the 71st Independence Day of India at The Ashok in New Delhi. One of the dignitaries in attendance was Dr. Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister of India. Daljit was also in attendance and notes it was “a great honor to be recognized in this book.”

For more information on the book “Jewels of Punjab: Leading Global Punjabi Personalities,” visit Maneesh Media’s website at maneeshmedia.com and for more information on Mr. Daljit Thind and Thind Properties visit the website thind.ca