DAVI BAINS GILL:  An Icon of Custom Bridal Wear

For nearly two decades, Davi Bains Gill has been at the forefront of the South Asian wedding fashion industry. After meeting her though, one gets the distinct impression that she will not be resting on her laurels anytime soon.

“I never grow tired of ensuring that my client’s vision for their wedding outfit will become a reality,” she explains. Armaan means “desire”, and clearly Davi wants her clients’ fashion desire to become a reality.

“When couples are looking for their wedding outfits, I feel, they should never have to compromise on colour, style or fit.” Armaan’s mission is to create one of a kind custom wedding attire for brides and grooms –Davi is passionate about working on all details with her clients. “The designing process includes sitting down with the bride and groom and going over their vision in detail, ” Davi explains. This includes the style, cut, fabric, colour and embroidery of their outfits, keeping in mind the clients’ budget. We do a sketch of the outfits, take accurate measurements, show different fabrics and embroidery samples and once those are approved, the outfits will arrive in eight weeks time. At that point, the final fitting is done. Each and every aspect is approved by the client, so there are no surprises and the final product often exceeds expectations. Davi knows how stressful choosing your bridal outfits can be, so leave the fashion stress to Davi.

For the perfect look, the perfect fit, the perfect experience

Come….. find the Armaan in you!

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