Ranveer Singh: As Good As It Gets!

He is the adorable goofball and ultimate entertainer of Bollywood industry! He changed the rules of stardom, the down-to-earth, humble, easy-going, sincere, enthusiastic, quirky dresser and fun loving best describe Ranveer Singh. The versatile actor is on a roll, having had a gold run at the cinemas all through last year and this year, the accolades have been pouring in for Bollywood’s very own Bajirao. The year saw Ranveer play vastly different characters with equal passion and ease. On one end, the star sunk his teeth into his well-etched role of the Maratha warrior, Peshwa Bajirao in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Magnum Opus Bajirao Mastani. On the other, he was playing a natural, distinctly subdued and highly nuanced character in Dil Dhadakne Do and it was a unanimously acclaimed, stand-out performance amongst heavyweight actors. Both the characters lay at different ends of the spectrum; Ranveer’s stupendous performances won hearts unanimously. He has been on a winning spree at all the prestigious film awards, and if that wasn’t enough he has also been conferred with the ‘Indian of The Year – Special Achievement Award’. What to look forward from here? Excited about his forthcoming frothy romance-Befikre, besides a contended relationship with his ladylove Deepika Padukone, the gifted actor couldn’t have asked for more! Read on to find out more about Ranveer.

How are you so full of life and high on energy all the time?
I have a great lust, zeal, and love for life. I believe in ‘Take it easy policy’!

Did you live it up in Switzerland recently? The Swiss tourism board is hosted you and showed you a fabulous time?
The folks at the Swiss tourism board were very kind and welcoming. What better country to chill out in than Switzerland? Its natural beauty set amongst towering snow-capped mountains serves as a calming, quiet getaway that is ideal for a break. I am a total adventure junkie. It was my first time in Switzerland, and I’ve had a whale of a time on my first night itself!

The recent Ranveer Ching Returns short film, is creating waves, complete with action, music, dance, dialogues and spice, just the way you like it?
I’ve wanted to collaborate with Rohit Sir for a long time, and this project has been a pretty awesome way to start! The film delivers everything one expects from a full family entertainer – action, emotion, drama, comedy, romance, song, dance and more – and all with a Desi Chinese twist! It’s been a ‘blast’ working with Rohit Sir and his team, and we’re hoping the audience also enjoys our serving!

Do we see Rohit Shetty and you working soon in a movie?
Rohit and I will do a film together shortly. We are made for each other!

Another achievement, this year was being awarded as ‘The Indian of The Year 2016, recently. How does that feel?
I feel blessed, humbled and grateful to be honored as ‘Indian of the year’ for Special Achievement. I’m elated to have my name included in the list of stalwarts and legends of the Indian entertainment industry at this early stage in my career. I’ve been fortunate to have been given some fantastic opportunities to showcase my abilities as a performer this year, and I’m thankful to everyone who has contributed towards my work. Receiving this enormous honor has only motivated me further to work harder to hone my craft going forward and be the most wholesome entertainer I can be!

You have been out of the country for long, filming, shooting in the beautiful French capital Paris for Befikre, how was the experience?
I had a fabulous time prepping for ‘Befikre’ in Paris! It was a fresh experience, collaborating with some of brightest and best technicians in international cinema. We worked intensively on the look of the character. I found some time to chill as well. Saw the sights, watched some great live performances, and enjoyed the gastronomical delights that Paris has to offer. I also caught up on movies. I looked at the uncensored versions of ‘Deadpool’ and ‘The Revenant’, and I loved both the films and the performances in them! I’d love to do something similar in Hindi films! Befikre shoot was excellent; Aditya sir is simply amazing.

Last year was somewhat tough for you with being immobile for close to two months after a knee injury while shooting for Bajirao Mastani; the tough physiotherapy took a toll on you?
I was treated like an athlete would be treated. It was three hours of physiotherapy each day, 1 hour in the morning followed by one-hour in the middle of a shoot and one-hour post wrap. The physiotherapy program assigned to me was the same as one assign to a professional athlete, and the recovery had been five times faster than that of an ordinary person. You might now be asking yourself what is physiotherapy and how does it benefit you, but all I can say to that is just spend five minutes doing some research and you’ll easily find out what you want to know.

How often do you workout amidst your hectic work schedules?
Well, I try and workout. It gives you a rush of endorphins, and that keeps you feeling good for the rest of the day. A good mood sort of flows from there. Even good music sets me in a jolly mood.