Badshah: ‘DJ Waala Babu’

We did an exclusive chat with famous singer/rapper Badshah, and here’s what MANIT SINGH has brought for you. All that you need to know about your ‘DJ Waala Babu’, who has made his way to Bollywood with his most loved songs – ‘Abhi to party shuru hui hai’, ‘Chull’, ‘Saturday, Saturday,’ and much more.
What is Badshah doing these days?
I am currently working on my Album that should release by the end of this year. I’ve been working on it for quite some time now, trying to make it as vibrant I can regarding experimenting with new sounds.

What is Badshah listening to these days? Indian, International?
I always listen to a mix of all kinds of Music. Ranges from everything from old Bollywood classic to Coldplay to Drake.

What are Badshah’s favourites?
Favourite Food: Gulab Jaamun
Favourite Drink: Cold coffee
Favourite Car: Range Rover
Favourite Travel Destination: Manali, it has been my all-time favourite
Favourite Perfume: Hugo Boss
Favourite Gadget: I’m fond of most updated phones and high-end speakers to listen to music on
Favourite App: iTunes, for all the music
Favourite Style of Music: Hip Hop

What is Badshah’s best time for creating new music? Morning person or evening?
I am a completely night person. I sit down to work when the whole world sleeps

Where does Badshah take his inspiration? Or Who inspires him?
I get inspired by everything around me. Kids, youngsters, the language they use, what they talk about, how they react to things.

How was the journey from Aditya to Badshah? Can you speak about it in about 4-5 lines?
It’s been a lot of Hard work and patience. Badshah is the stage avatar of Aditya. I am an entirely different person when I hit the stage, and I belong to the stage and audience once I’m on it. I have been accepted by fans and my family equally as the Rapper that I am. The journey would not have been successful without the support of my fans.

What is the most satisfying thing to do for Badshah?
Making good Music

What is Badshah currently working on?
A bunch of things. There are a couple of single for Bollywood and additionally the Album that is set to release this year.

Your recent track ‘Garaari Pitbull te’ was another piece of success, what are your feelings about it?
It’s great that Gurinder and Garrari Pitbull Te was accepted so well by the audience. He is an incredibly talented artist and deserves all the credit for the song. We previously worked on Baaghi Jatt together which was also very well received.

Pitbul was the second track you did along with Gurinder Rai. Any further plans of doing more singles/projects with Gurinder?
Gurinder is an integral part of my team, and he also performs with me on my Live shows. They are no plans currently for any more tracks, but we’ll always function as a team. His new single will also be out soon.

You recently did a fabulously successful tour in the US. Any plans for Canada soon?
Yes, I got the golden opportunity to perform with some amazing artists on the US Tour this time. I would love to come to Canada, and my team is already working on some proposal for a multi-city Canada tour. Hope that falls into place soon!

Would you like to say somehing to your fans in Canada?
I would like to say Thank You. For all the love that all of them show for my songs. But more than that for keeping in touch with their roots even on foreign soils. It’s incredibly heartening to see how the Indian/Punjabi culture and language is nurtured here with so much love for the music we make and the World-class Bhangra Canada has been representing! I will be looking forward to performing Live in Canada. God Bless.