Paarull Bakshi

PAARULL JS BAKSHI – Naturally Driven By Passion For Business!

No doubt, Paarull Bakshi is motivated by the passion for entrepreneurship. Case in point: while other young women her age are busy with relationships, love, and marriage—she spends many hours a week networking, helping clients reach their business goals, and drumming up new business. All this on top of her nine to five job as a Marketing Specialist.

After graduating in 2011 with Bachelors in Business Administration major in Marketing, she says she has gained good and valuable experience. Bakshi had a keen interest in helping small businesses while pursuing her post-secondary education. And it’s been a smooth transition to the real business world over the last six years.            “Helping these small businesses in various areas such as Franchise Development, Franchise Sales, Public Relations, Lead Generation, Sales, and many other marketing needs is my passion,”

One of her clients is an In-Home Tutoring Agency called School is Easy, and while working with them, Bakshi was able to help in the sale of three franchise locations for them including one in Eastern Canada.

Always the student, she follows a lot of business trends and leaders and has also written various articles for local publications and been interviewed by local TV Stations about topics related to business.

Her work is exciting and challenging as she gets to meet new people daily and use her creative ideas to help their public image.

“A company’s image is crucial, and it is very much a big part of their success,” she says. As part of her passion for marketing, she loves to meet new people and come up with unique solutions to promote themselves and their brand. She’s also organized and coordinated big events for well-named corporates over the past few years.

“Everyday is a learning process, and I feel closer to my inspiration,” she says of her entrepreneurial spirit. She hopes to be a full-time business owner soon and hopes to practice all of her practical skills to good use with her own business.

Bakshi also holds a Certification in Applied Project Management and will soon receive her PMP (Project Management Professional) designation which will help her management career immensely.

Paarull has recently launched her brand, and she says that branding everyone else and not herself was probably not so smart. Hence, her company is called ‘Paarull Communications Ltd.’ She holds a good set of knowledge of South Asian media as well as mainstream media to help her clients get the best results out of their branding and PR experience with her.

Paarull Bakshi can be reached at or at 604-318-4913