Kristina & Jesse

After 3 years and 3 months, 1,190 days later, we finally tied the knot!

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”-Henry Ford

Kristina-JesseQ 1.Tell us about your wedding?

Kristina: Our wedding was everything I dreamt of and much, much more! I know its cliché when people say this and it might sound sappy but it’s the truth. I had my family that came down from all over the world including everyone local. Everyone made our wedding so memorable! From the surprise proposal to my engagement ring to the whole wedding week, everything was just perfect! The wedding was held at Akali Singh Gurdwara in Vancouver on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 followed by the reception on Sunday, August 10th, 2014 at Royal Banquet Hall in Surrey.

Jesse: Our wedding was an amazing event and week, it was the week that I got married to my best friend. For my wedding I only asked for a certain few things to be done. Those were, I wanted it at certain locations and I wanted to be able to enjoy the moments that were to come. It all started early at my house my friends started coming over to my house on Friday the week before, and that’s when the shenanigans began and didn’t finish till the following Monday.

Q 2. How long did you know each other before marriage?

Kristina: We were dating for 3 years and 3 months before we got married. However, we actually knew each other for 6 years total.

Jesse: I knew of Kristina for a long time about 6 years. Didn’t date till a couple years later.

Q 3.What are the strengths of your marriage?

Kristina: Not only is Jesse my husband, he is my best friend! I share EVERYTHING with him, even if he doesn’t want to hear it **chuckle** We make as much time as possible for each other and he has made me a better woman.

Jesse: The strengths of our marriage is that we have opposite personalities. In other words, we can control any situation or problem that comes our way. We complete each other’s sentences and always have fun.

Q 4.What have been the biggest challenges to overcome as a couple?

Kristina: Biggest challenge would be that I’m kind of a messy person. Jesse, on the other hand, isn’t. He likes everything sorted out a certain way and that is something I had to get used to.

Jesse: Sharing a bathroom, for sure! I never knew a woman could have so much makeup! Oh yes, and keeping things tidy! ..But she’s trying and I see that. You only face things like this once you start living together.

Q 5. How imp. is sharing your interests and beliefs?

Kristina: Very! They don’t need to be exactly the same but still need to have things in common. We need to be able to sit down and communicate and share things with one another as well as both sides of the families.

Jesse: I don’t believe it’s as important as my wife probably thinks it is. But I think if you have extra time to do so, then go right ahead. I’m not going pull her aside and tell her a list of my interests. If the opportunity arises where I can express one or two I will.

Q 6. What were your favourite moments during wedding.

Kristina: My all-time favourite moment was when Jesse and I sat down after our fourth lavan, Jesse turns around to me and says, “We’re married!” with a huge smile on his face.

Other moments would be having my family from all over the world taking the time to come and celebrate Jesse & I. It was probably the first time I had everyone here all at once and it was the best feeling. Also, the huge family dance medley at my sangeet party at home was so fun-filled.

Jesse: My all-time favorite moment was seeing my wife walk down and sit beside me. My second favorite moment was walking into the reception hall. But seeing her in her dress, looking absolutely stunning, as if she’s not hot as it is.

Q 7. Would you like to give some advice to other married couples?

Kristina: Remember how much you love one another and what you mean to each other. Never let the small things come in your way and focus on the big picture, you and you’re husband! Always make time to spend together and laugh about the little, stupid things in life. “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin

Jesse: Make sure you have a double sink and lots of storage!! But in all seriousness, once your married priorities automatically change and you think less of yourself and more for your spouse. I advise them to always remember to enjoy each other’s company at all times, always laugh, always smile. Love will come easily.