New home of Cartwheels Gym Surrey & Cartwheels Gym Richmond

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New home of Cartwheels Gym Surrey & Cartwheels Gym Richmond

This past summer on June 24th 2014 an exciting merger took place between Cartwheels Gym and Wayland Sports.  Both companies were established in 2002 and by coming together in June 2014 they will be able to offer new opportunities for the entire Cartwheels Gym/Wayland family!

Here’s a brief history of the two organizations:

Our past..

Wayland Sports, established in 2002 by Ying Wang and Gen Liu is a multi sport facility dedicated to providing positive, encouraging, yet challenging programs of exploration and instruction to children and young adults – giving them the opportunity to learn new skills, overcome their fears and build a solid foundation for their mental, physical and spiritual health.  Since 2002, Wayland Sports has specialized in providing both recreational and competitive swim programs for children ages 4-18 years. Wayland also offers recreational and competitive badminton, table tennis lessons and recreational gymnastics programs.

Cartwheels Gym Richmond established in 2002 & Cartwheels Gym Surrey established in 2004 by Katherine Campbell and Lisa Lacamell, offers exciting recreational and competitive gymnastics and cheer programs to the two communities they have served for over a decade.  Their participants enjoy  recreational & competitive gymnastics, recreational cheerleading, Adrenaline All-Stars Competitive Cheerleading, tumbling, school holiday and summer camps, birthday parties, field trips and special events!

Our Present…

Wayland Sports Ltd. is now home to 3 sport facilities including: Wayland Sports Center, a multi-sport facility located in Ironwood in the city of Richmond, offering swimming, gymnastics and cheer,  and  Cartwheels Gym Surrey and Cartwheels Gym Richmond (both operating under the Wayland Sports Umbrella) are located in Newton and Steveston respectively and both specialize in gymnastics and cheer.

Mission: Wayland Sports/Cartwheels Gym is a movement education center specializing in recreation, sport and entertainment for children.  Our goal is to create a lifelong love for fitness through fun, challenging sports and movement activities.  Our participants enjoy gymnastics, swimming, cheerleading, tumbling, school holiday & summer camps, birthday parties, field trips and special events!

Philosophy:  Participants will have Fun, gain Fitness, and learn the Fundamentals of sport.  In addition to this basic philosophy, we believe every child is special.  We value each individual’s needs, aspirations and abilities.  We strive to provide a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, fosters self esteem, and creates success for every child.  We believe that with consistent guidance and respect children will flourish and grow.

Our Future…

Katherine Campbell, one of the original founders of Cartwheels Gym, has joined the new company as the CEO, and plans to effectively move the company forward, so that all members, including: athletes, coaches, parents and participants will benefit from this dynamic merger.

Katherine has spent a career in the sport industry devoted to instilling a desire in children and youth to be active for a lifetime.  She has spent the past 20 years developing and mentoring both athletes and coaches alike, and hopes that anyone who walks through the doors of any Wayland Sports location will experience the joy of movement and the thrill of sport!  For more information on Cartwheels Gym and Wayland Sports please visit our two websites  at and