Roni Dhaliwal, Independent Insurance Advisor/Independent Broker

Roni Dhaliwal is a life insurance advisor and an independent broker dealing with a number of banks and financial institutions to provide tailored and best quality insurance solutions to her clients. She has worked in the financial and insurance industry for over twenty years. She talked to us about her client centred approach and the importance of Insurance for businesses, individuals and families.

Tell us something about your career in the Insurance industry?
I have worked in the industry for over twenty years. I worked with company for a long time before I decided to work as an independent broker. I wanted more flexibility and also reach out to a wider customer base.  Working as an Insurance broker is my dream job. I am very passionate about it. I feel very lucky to be working in a field I love so much.

Why is it important for families and individuals to buy insurance?
We all know that life is uncertain. I always urge clients to prepare for the worst. In my career I have met a lot of people who have faced financial difficulty due to having no insurance or the wrong policy based on their needs. I cannot help hoping they had the protection to sustain them through a difficult phase in life.

Young families and parents have an advantage when it comes to having insurance and education policies for their children. Their premium is lower and gets paid faster. I can say that from my own personal experience. My kids are grown up and are pursuing their education. In addition to their expenses I still have savings for myself through their policy. That is the beauty of starting early and having the right policy for your unique needs. That’s where an independent insurance broker can make a real difference. We deal with multiple financial institutions and products. Our products will be tailor made for your unique needs and therefore offer the best protection for you and your family.

What is the criteria to assess your client’s needs?
It is very important for me to know my client’s goals and affordability to ascertain their unique needs. I deal with all financial institutions to find the perfect fit for my clients. It is all about looking at the big picture while addressing the insurance needs. I also strongly feel that all mothers should have an insurance policy. This gives them the financial stability and independence should an unfortunate incident happen or if they are faced with uncertainty. As I mentioned if you are a young family you have an added advantage of lower premiums and faster results.

Tell us something about your Insurance products?
I provide life insurance, accidental death insurance, disability insurance, critical insurance, long term care insurance, super visa insurance, mortgage insurance and group insurance for all businesses. Group Insurance is a packaged insurance for companies that will cover employees for life, accidental death, disability, health and dental benefits.  I also specialize in life insurance for children with guaranteed cash value.