We Like It Our Way

We have stepped into the 21st century. Today, women are strong, empowered. She loves her freedom, but she also values relationships and wants to live up to her duties and responsibilities.

We have stepped into the 21st century. Today, women are strong, empowered. She loves her freedom, but she also values relationships and wants to live up to her duties and responsibilities. From flying a jet to doing the dishes, she also runs media houses and heading financial institutions. She can wear every hat gracefully, then why is it that the term Patriarchy still lingers in our society?

While the world is trying to give women what they deserve and create spaces for them, their family and friends must also open their minds to follow their dreams happily. With education, knowledge, and expertise, women have created a niche for themselves in almost every endeavor. They have proven themselves to be great leaders at work and lively members at home. But at most times, they are not appreciated for their dedication, devotion, and talent. Not because of any biases but simply due to the societal norms of knowing household chores and being responsible for many routines, day to day activities like buying the vegetables, dusting the house, cooking, and looking after children. While each woman does every bit of it with love and cares for her own family, she deserves some pampering. Some have great people around them who cherish every achievement and motivate them to go after their dreams.

Women want some things, and when they silently receive this, you see the best out of them for everyone around them. They are true magicians. Even the Masters of Magic are Witches (Women).

  • No Judgements
    We often hear the phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its Cover,’ but it takes us hardly a minute to judge a girl wearing very heavy makeup or by her clothing.

‘Aren’t those shorts are too short?’

‘Isn’t that lipstick is too dark?’

‘Is that a backless?’

‘Where are you coming back from—it’s already dark.’

Each one has his own story and his dilemmas to handle. So, let’s not become a Judge or pass any judgments. Instead, spend time comprehending each other. Everyone is different. It’s time to live and shine and let your shine be a boon to everyone around.

  • Unconditional love and care
    Have you noticed a mother feeding her child?
    Have you noticed a wife cooking a delicious meal for a husband?
    Have you come across a daughter serving her father?

At most times, she loves to do what she does, and she does it unconditionally. She chooses you over others. Surprising her with a bouquet or making her a cup of coffee, or spending some time to listen to her dreams, could just show a little more care. Give her what she deserves, and she will give you her entire world.

  • Independence and Freedom

Women have finally conquered the world by proving their skill and worth. They have shown to be some of the best entrepreneurs and business leaders. From running million-dollar companies to being doctors and engineers, they have done them all.

She can soar to the sky like a condor but remains grounded, and all that she needs is love and support from her near and dear ones. It’s time to show love and respect for our wives, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and even friends who have always been there through thick and thin and made life worthwhile.

  • No Norms/Taboos

Who is responsible for cooking, doing the dishes, the laundry, and cleaning the house? Who’s responsible for the children and grandparents? While these words are not explicit, many deem them as the duties of a woman. It’s time to cancel these norms out and let everyone participate in making life beautiful and meaningful.

On the other hand, some families still believe in divorces being taboo or a widow not having the right to attend social gatherings. Inter-caste weddings could be a problem for a lot of people. It’s important to realize that all these norms and taboos are decided by us alone. It’s all in mind.

  • Time is the best gift

Today, people tend to value diamonds and rubies over time and spoken words. Gifting in today’s materialistic world has become easier and more accessible to succumb to fight or avoid a difficult situation and discussion. But it’s time to speak your heart out. The best thing anyone can give to each other is time—that will never return, and you will miss for a lifetime. Hence, in this race of gadgets, tech, luxury, and expensive jewelry, let’s try and overtake by choosing to spend time playing a favorite sport, cooking a meal together or planning a vacation, or enjoying a barbecue on a sunny afternoon. They can soothe the soul.

‘Let them live,

Let them fly,

For as long as they Fly,

They will keep your heads high.’