What is TED?

By Gary Drouillard

TED is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization representing a global community of people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. An acronym for “Technology, Entertainment, Design,” is devoted to spreading ideas, usually in short, powerful talks. It believes passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. The focus of any TED or TEDx event is the sharing of “ideas worth spreading.” For more information, visit www.ted.com

• What is TEDxBearCreekPark?

TEDxBearCreekPark has evolved into a series of annual events operating under a license from TED. The events in Surrey, BC, are organized by a core team of 20 dedicated volunteers. The event draws in speakers and volunteers, principally from across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

The first event took place in April 2019 and had an audience capped by TED at 100. Soon after that, the organizing team successfully secured a license, allowing it to stage future events in front of audiences of 100+. The 2020 event last February 29, 2020, was held at the beautiful Bell Performing Arts Centre in Surrey, BC, and had an audience of over 900. TEDxBearCreekPark has become informally recognized as the premier TEDx event in BC.

• Where and when will TEDxBearCreekPark 2021 take place?

The TEDxBearCreekPark 2021 event is on Saturday, March 27, 2021, from 9:30 am to 12:45 pm. Due to the BC Public Health Authority guidelines expected to be in place in March, attendance will be online only. Ticketing information is available on our website TEDxBearCreekPark.ca

• What is our theme for the day?

Our theme is “A Shift in Thinking.” The goal is to present persuasive and provocative ideas intended to cause audience members to shift their thinking so that they may alter their actions, resulting in healthy, positive, and lasting changes in the direction of their lives.

How will the day be structured?

This outstanding event will feature 12 speakers presenting to a live stream audience. The event will move at a fast pace. Each Talk will be no longer than 12 minutes, and Energizers and Entertainers will intersperse throughout the day. The entire event will last over 3 hours. This event will be decisive for reflection, renewal, and rejuvenation.

Who are the speakers for this event?

To be selected as a TEDxBearCreekPark speaker, successful candidates had to possess the following:

A compelling idea. The idea had to be robust, with the potential to drive change. It must inspire peoples’ hearts and minds and their thinking in a significant and meaningful way.
Expertise, experience, and a depth of understanding of their idea. Speakers had to have a high level of knowledge or rich, lived experience related to their concept.
Experience as a public speaker. Speakers must have a strong stage presence and have experience presenting to audiences of a significant size (100 or more) in various settings.

After the intensive competition, 12 speakers will be selected from a starting field of almost 90. They are all accomplished and prominent in their respective fields of endeavor and will present compelling ideas from six separate areas:

Science: Dr. Carly Phillips; ll Dr. Brandon Tang
Technology: Dr. Olav Krigolson; Fawzan Hussain
Art, Music, and Design: Lizzie Allan; Johnny Trinh
Human Rights, Law, and Business: David Bentall; Sue Blyth Hall
Current Affairs – Topical Issues: Orville Lee; Grace Sinats
Personal Development: Dai Manuel; Sandy Gerber

After selection, the speakers entered a coaching period by some of BC’s best public speaking coaches to ensure their messages are honed for ultimate clarity and impact, and their deliveries are conducted flawlessly.

Every speaker has an impressive list of accomplishments and qualifications. Find out more at the event’s website, TEDxBearCreekPark.ca

What can I expect if I attend the event?

It will be a memorable and moving session. Past attendees report leaving the event feeling uplifted and inspired to make positive changes in their lives and communities. The events have consistently garnered high ratings for satisfaction and excellence.

Where can I get more information about TEDxBearCreekPark?

Our website, TEDxBearCreekPark.ca, is kept updated with all event-related information.

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I joined the Leadership Team of TEDx BearCreekPark in the beginning and have witnessed this great Community event grow beyond expectations.
I would encourage everyone in the South Asian Community to become involved with this forum as a Partner or a Participant and witness for themselves what happens when you have an “IDEA WORTH SPREADING” Please feel free to contact me to find out more on how you can get involved!
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