Our spaces define us. The colors of the walls, the flooring, furnishing, styling of the frames speak volumes about the people that live in it. Each one looks at having his own style statement reflected in every corner of their nest in the modern-day and age. Today, interiors play an integral role since they define us, so be it an office space, a work area, or a living room, one could style it in his own way of relishing it.

While many look at Vastu while designing their homes, many also look at other modalities like feng shui. What is exceptionally crucial while creating your space is to understand its capacity to define every corner innovatively. Larger houses with more than 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2 to 3 floors can allow you to play a lot more with the concept than smaller ones like studio apartments or a one-room kitchen. Both could be designed supremely and can be given definition and precision, keeping them friendly yet stylish and classy.


Here are some hacks that could change the overall outlook of your space – Home or Office 


If one has multiple rooms and wants to change every room’s look to give it a different feel, one could ensure another color theme flooring in every room. In the case of smaller apartments, one could carpet various corners of the house like, for instance, the center table in the living area could be carpeted just till the sofa space. This would give more definition to the room. If the passages are carpeted, it makes it a different zone, especially for children to sit with their books to read or toys to play with. The same goes for offices. Lazing rooms, thinking booths, and boardrooms could have different flooring kinds depending upon how formal or how casual they are in space. Colour definitely adds more thought and emotion, so depending upon the work, one could select the color.


Today we have multiple options, from walls painted to wallpapers, wall-size paintings, and even glass walls. If your home faces a garden, one of the walls could be a glass wall. If there is some kind of dampness or the walls have been badly damaged perhaps, wallpaper could do fantastically hiding all the flaws. Make sure you use a printed wallpaper if all the other walls are just one color/single color or vice versa. If one is fond of paintings, you could self-paint your favorite animal/bird or a scenic beauty on one side of the wall. This would give it more personal precision and define your style. If you are fond of some particular corner of the house, then paint the back of it and place a lovely lamp on the side to make it a cozy corner. The same goes for offices; different cabins could have other colored walls. Thinking rooms and board meeting rooms could have walls with several paintings with motivational quotes, or perhaps wallpapers with your favorite quotes on them.


Lights play an integral role in the kind of work done in the room. So it is crucial to identify what a room shall be used for. For instance, the living area could have dimmer lights since it’s for the family to comfortably spend time together, whereas the study room and the dining area can have brighter lights to utilize it to their core. Having lights by the side of your bed could be a great advantage at the time of picking up your book to read before sleeping. Yet again, passage lights could add space to your corridors. 

Installations / home decor

Small installations at various places in the house speak a lot about you and create a comfort zone. Paintings that reflect what you find peace or stress relief from can help not only tie a room together but also provide a calmer atmosphere. Pictures based on nature settings, abstract, spiritual ones to animals and birds are a great avenue to consider when a wall feels too empty or needs brightening up. Using family photo frames are always a welcome addition to any home. The bigger the painting’s size or frame choice, the small the room looks, so pay attention to how you want your space to look. Small installations of dancing dolls, elephants, vases, and unique paper napkin holders could accentuate a corner. Placing an antique piece or a piece of crystals could catch attention and be a talk amongst your friend circle. Again, do not forget that every installation would define your living quarters, so take your time to choose pieces.


Keeping your furniture compact yet comfortable is an ideal scenario for any home. After a hard day’s work, all he wants to do is slouch on his couch. The beauty of the furniture and its classiness does not stand right on the top of your priority list. So, ensure that your furniture is extremely comfortable and user friendly. Huge questions usually arise about darker color furniture matching with the furnishings and accentuating the home. If one has lighter color walls and goes in for a piece of more delicate color furniture, the house definitely looks more significant. If one has more lightweight color walls and prefers to go for darker color furniture like brown, black, or magenta, it amplifies the pieces. Choosing contrasting color ‘throws’ and Sequenced Cushions could add glam, while velvets could add a touch of sophistication. 

Potted Plants/Tiny Gardens

Indoor plants are a great way to add a touch of the outside brightness into your home and make a living space have an atmosphere of positivity and life. Having a living thing around you can be a great source of lower pollutants at home, stress reduction, calmness, productivity, and while most of us are home, owning plants can be a great connector to the outside world. Creepers can help make a window or an outdoor balcony area into a nook with a green cocoon that is perfect for watching the sunrise or sunset with a cup of hot coffee. A healthier and more wholesome home can be created with plants around sunlit areas that serve the scientific purpose of more oxygen and a happier you. An office corner where you would usually spend your time can have an atmosphere of creativity and peace with a plant near you.