2021’s New Year resolutions: Small shifts for Huge Impacts

While we enter into 2021, with a bit of hope that things will get better, New Year’s resolutions can also be a great way to allow ourselves to choose solutions that can help prepare, both mentally and financially, to a lifestyle that’s requesting us to introspect.


The New Year is the peak of the Holiday Season. This is that time of the year when cheesecakes and donuts with frostings are in every hand. A statement you have definitely here on this day: ‘My New Year’s Resolution is to get fit’ and a thousand words carried forward onto the next year’s eve. But with the beginning of 2021, there are many hopes and wishes attached to personal lives, businesses, finances, and relationships. We can learn from 2020 that paying attention to ourselves, our mental health, and those around us is as crucial as making bigger travel goals and business plans. While we enter into 2021, with a bit of hope that things will get better, New Year’s resolutions can also be a great way to allow ourselves to choose solutions that can help prepare, both mentally and financially, to a lifestyle that’s requesting us to introspect.

Here are a few quick tiny tips that can help you turn 2021 into your year of growing!

  1. Paying attention to ‘Mind-Body-Soul.’ 

Our mind has an impact on our body and soul. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions, which eventually lead to positive results. We all have dealt with situations that have led to mental stress because of the pandemic. Avoiding such pressure is not possible, but managing it is definite. Paying attention to the Mind, Body, and soul can help you understand what is bothering you and focus on turning that into something that doesn’t take a toll on you. Identify issues that you have been avoiding or procrastinating, comprehend the problems, and look for solutions if required. Avoid any action or making any decision while you are stressed or depressed. Yoga, meditating, exercising, watching films, and writing could prove excellent options.

  1. Stop Procrastinating

We get it. This is a tough one. It’s a line we have heard many a time, but instead of considering it as a way to avoid a task altogether, slowly moving towards it and accomplishing small amounts each day adds wonders to yourself with a feeling of success later. Slow and steady always wins the race, so decide whatever you want to be better at and get at it at your own pace! And definitely leave that couch if that’s holding you back. This can be as simple as painting a canvas. Take up an online course on Makeup, patisserie, or knitting, whatever you have always wanted.

  1. Save money considering the difficult times you’ve had

Staying indoors has had a few merits, though: mainly the saving of money. Continue saving consciously in the next year since it can be a learning lesson so that in the future, you have a safety net that can help you. There have been trouble times in businesses and loss of jobs for many. So, a penny saved is a penny earned.

  1. Get rid of Debts

2021 for many has proven as an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Starting fresh on your passion can be a great source of excitement and work that you’d love. Clearing off old financial debts and things owed can help you push you further towards a better, settled life.

Plan to keep aside funds to get rid of the baggage that you carry in your head all the time. Break down the amounts to help you save monthly/ weekly.

  1. Spend Quality Time with Loved ones

Appreciation for what you have is an undercurrent theme of 2020. It has been an important lesson for many, especially those who live away from their close friends and family. This resolution shows how much for granted we put social events before but now, looking at the year ahead, showing how much you care about your loved ones by spending time with them could be cherished in the coming year. Cooking meals with your mom, playing chess with your grandparents, or playing with your niece could be a good start.

  1. Get Active and get more Quality Sleep 

Working in front of a computer for hours has been an experience we’ve all to deal with. Since the work from home holds to continue, try making it any easier for your body to avoid unnecessary pressure on yourself. Take breaks in between, do some stretches. Take time out to rest, sleep early, and pay notice to how your posture is during work hours.

  1. Watch less TV/ OTT content 

Avoiding watching TV or OTT content is a challenging task since we have become couch potatoes. But instead, try to consciously watch only a few hours and utilize that time. Going for a walk around your home, meditating, practicing yoga, writing a poem, penning your thoughts, reading a book, to even dancing to music loud are some great options to keep you fit and smiling.

  1. Follow a Hobby 

There are always a few things we want to learn or try out, and 2021 is definitely the year to seize the day! (and year) A hobby can be a great way to help you focus on things other than work and give you peace of mind. Be it learning to play an instrument for cooking or even painting or gardening, a hobby can be in whatever shape or form as long as you enjoy it and want to keep doing it!

  1. Identify your weakness and try to overcome them

Finding what you are not good at is something we all have found out through various hours of staying at home in 2020, and the new year can be an excellent way to work through them. Pick an aspect in your life you feel you are fearful or find yourself lacking in, try to understand the weakness instead of accepting it as a fault. Change is constant, and overcoming a weakness is hugely possible. Streamline to make the weakness become your strength.

  1. Read More

Opening up your mind to books, be it fiction or non-fiction, is a great way to broaden your horizons. Reading may seem like a concept that requires endless patience and silence but reading even a few pages a day can make all the difference. While it broadens your overall outlook, it improves your capability to think better, has a varied perspective, and act faster in every aspect of life.