The Power Of Meditation

Living in an age of ever-changing possibilities, today’s generation is highly prone to stress and mental pressures, leading us down to a long path of anxiety, trauma, panic, and depression.


Living in an age of ever-changing possibilities, today’s generation is highly prone to stress and mental pressures, leading us down to a long path of anxiety, trauma, panic, and depression. On and above, the sudden Pandemic has, to a great extent, brought about significant changes in our routine and lifestyle. From restriction in the movement to working from home and being precautious while stepping out, it demands that we are alert at all times. From work pressures to a constant urge to do something worthwhile, we hardly ever give our minds the time to catch a break to revive, not just our mental health but also our physical well-being. Yes, maybe a vacation may help to ease out or a spa or a weekend retreat, but it’s not going to be every day that we get a chance to pursue these to feel better, mentally, and physically. However, there is one simple 15minute quick fix that can really help us relax, recompose, and build a healthier lifestyle without many hassles- Meditation.

While we are all aware of the several health benefits of meditation, we always fail to inculcate these habits in our lifestyle, considering it to be a tedious and challenging activity requiring too much effort and concentration.

Well, it’s time to relax! Because we have got you, 7 easy meditation techniques will reduce stress and keep your anxiety at bay and help you stay calm and focused and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle in just 15 minutes a day.


One of the easiest ways to stop your mind from wandering into the darker zones is to practice deep breathing. While we breathe all the time, at most times, we do not even realize that our breathing is so clogged. Sitting still, in one place, and trying to focus on even breath of air taken in and out, is an accurate way of identifying your body and composing your thoughts. Breathing exercises, make your lungs more robust, they bring about streamlining of ideas and help to take big decisions of life, confidently. This not only lets your anxiety out but also lowers the blood pressure keeping the body free from fatigue.


Some minds that are preoccupied with loads of work and multiple tasks find it difficult to stay focused in quietness. Recitation always helps in such situations.

Positive Affirmations like “I am at peace”, “I love myself”, “I am healthy and happy”, when chanted every day will really help you gather your thoughts into bringing these changes into your lives. If one believes in the lord or a Guru, chanting hold words could also be comforting.


Music is always the perfect medicine for humans. According to available research, listening to soothing music really helps in maintaining an average heart rate, blood pressure, and overall mental well-being. Develop a playlist of cheerful tunes and listen to them every time you feel low or stressed. Nature plays an inspiration. Listening to the sounds of birds, the music of the rains, sounds of waterfalls, the humming of bees, flute, or other musical instruments depending upon one’s preference is advisable.


At most times, it is always easier to accept your problems and talk about them. Unresolved issues cannot be solved with meditation and yoga. It is crucial that one faces his issues and discusses it with friends, family, or closed ones to avoid overthinking. Once resolved, there is a dream or a calming state we need to create within us. This is done through our imagination. Consistently feeling the presence of it persistently sitting through can bring us back into our state of Happiness. Happiness is a state of mind, attaching it to an event that could lead to disappointments


Laughter is always an excellent medicine to fight health battles. Laughing lowers body cortisol and stress hormones and boosts brain health, lighting up your mood into a happier state. Ease your stress by watching your favorite sitcoms, comedy shows, or stand-ups and see your brain change your frown to a broader smile in minutes. These days there are laughter clubs that also help you recognize your value and what the universe has bestowed you with. Gratitude’s art can weigh down the irritation of your mind, egoistic ends, and make you a humble person.


Stress can cause you neck and backache, and the best way to relieve that is to Yoga and Asanas. Various kinds of Yogas could help strengthen your body, make you more flexible, firm your muscles, build immunity, and create a fit mind and body. Ensure you visit a professional for a consultation before you opt for some classes online.


One of the easiest ways to develop control of your mind is to distance yourself from the crowds. Especially if you have had some kind of crisis in life, an unfortunate loss, the stress, and the magnitude of depression could be massive. While some need a shoulder to fall on, many could go violent and should break their routine and go to a calmer place, where fewer people meditate there. Spending a few days away from the scenario gives your mind a perspective to think wisely.

While these are some basic ways to control your thoughts and fill a vacuum within yourself with peace. In case of severity, visiting a counselor is a great way to vent out and get yourself guided.