Creating your own Vision Board

What exactly is a vision board, and how do you create one? Does it play an important role in where you are and what you want to be? Is it crucial in our well-being?

By Pooja Valeja

What exactly is a vision board, and how do you create one? Does it play an important role in where you are and what you want to be? Is it crucial in our well-being?

Is it childish to create a vision board at the age of 30 or 40?

Perhaps, all these questions are absolutely valid. To understand the importance of a vision board, it is critical to comprehend what a vision board truly is. At most times, in our life, we have two paths to select from. A decision that needs to be made always has a Yes or a No. It still has a Right or Wrong, in your head. It always has a Left or Right. And most times are confused as to what decision to take and where it will lead us. It’s not a decision that confuses us, it’s the end result that does it for us. It is incredibly crucial for us to create a vision board that helps us streamline our thoughts and works on our subconscious mind. A board that is designed with immense love, care, and affection with a lot of detail. It’s a board that’s close to our hearts and something we really aspire for and would remind us of where we want to be.

It’s not important whether we will achieve that, in life or not, it’s the vision board that creates what we want in life. A person merely sitting on a sofa in the midst of his living room owning a small car of his own, can have a vision of buying his very own Beamer or a Mercedes Benz. A vision board does not calculate the amount, it does not weigh what is significant and what’s small. It really is a reflection of your mind. It clearly explains what you want in life, and the detailing explains how beautifully and enthusiastically, you want it.

Coming back to the responses of the questions on the top, Yes, it plays a vital role in our well-being because it helps to shape our thoughts, and once our thoughts are aligned with what we want, we automatically start working towards it and achieve it. The best part of creating a vision board is that there is no age limit for it; you can create it anytime you want in your life as far as you really want it. Most times, people create a vision board with massive objects like branded watches and apartments on the top of a mountain. They do not wish to this personally themselves, but they have been looking at what their neighbors have or what their friends have, and they place it on their vision boards.

Remember, a vision board is essential and will bring things in real life to you only when you really need and personally imagine it. Once you really need it, you automatically start working towards it. Things fall in place, and there is alignment where opportunities also strike you rightly. So, one needs to be sure that he is in alignment with his thoughts, and he clearly demarks between what he wants and feels he may wish to. There is a big difference between the two.

When we go on a vacation and stay in a posh hotel, we look at the decor, and we really love it. Some people would plainly like it, and at the same time, there are other people, who like the decor so much, that they would try to re-create the same at their homes so that they could feel it all the time. There is a vast difference between what do you think you would want and what you really want. Also, a Vision Board is not Time Bound and not even Subject centric, you can create one for Success, Career, Personal Life, Love, Health, and anything you aspire for.

How to create a Vision Board?

It’s quite straightforward. One needs to create a scrapbook or pull out a painting sheet or a chart paper. Now stay in a state of calmness and make it more like a playdate for yourself. Remember, aggressively created boards are creations of anger, hatred, and negative thoughts. To design your own vision board, you need to be in your best mood, and you can create one yourself. Put on some music of your choice, sip coffee or tea, and curate one as per his spirit, style, and vision.

If you want some things in life at a particular age with timelines, one could draw that, or if one plainly wants luxury and lifestyle, one could pull out niche magazines and create small cut-outs of what exactly they would require and stick it on the vision board. Remember, one can put out pieces that they aspire, not necessary, that they need the pocket for it themselves right away. A vision can be colorful, and on the other side, it could just be a plain grey one with multiple pictures and quotes and various things written by you. The vision board must reflect your mind and your thoughts, and it needs to honestly speak about what you want in life.

A right vision board can be made for days and then kept somewhere handy so that just when it’s pulled out after months or years, you realize that those things are all fulfilled. After all, it’s all in mind, where the power lies.