Are Missing Minerals Impairing Your Health?

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts on gray background
When we hear of Minerals, what comes to the mind first are the Natural Minerals that nature has bestowed on us like Iron, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, and more.


When we hear of Minerals, what comes to the mind first are the Natural Minerals that nature has bestowed on us like Iron, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, and more. Since we are nature’s most beautiful creation, our bodies are complex and require a vivid combination of Minerals and Vitamins to function to its best. Inadequate consumption or presence of these in one’s system could lead to various health disorders, and the surprising part is that at most times, the pains and aches that we think come from aging or genetics, actually occur due to insufficient quantum in the body.

We receive these minerals from fruits, green vegetables, and natural offerings but:

– Who has the time to consume fruits and vegetables when you can snack on a pie or a slice of pizza?

– Do we prefer our favorite fries over veggie sticks?

– Doesn’t a glass of coke refresh us over a glass of smoothie?

The answers to the above are real, we look for easy options over healthy ones, at most times. Our hectic schedules, work hours, tight deadlines lead us to look for easy options neglecting health and the minerals we intake. Our bodies are like a machine; just like mechanical devices that require oiling and greasing to function smoothly. Our bodies need minerals and vitamins to keep the organs working to its optimum limits.

Many of us take a handful of Supplements every morning with meals to fill the gaps that food intake could create. From Iron to Magnesium and from Zinc to Calcium, we tend to pop a pill as and when doctors recommend us. We also tend to intake Vitamins like B12, A, and C all the time. Our body often gives us signals in the form of pains, aches, dark circles, weakness, and pigmentation.

Comprehending these deficiencies and replacing it with the right diet could make you avoid pills and feel healthier. Some essential minerals and their properties are as below :


It is essential in the working of enzymes, and it helps in better absorption of other minerals. Lack of magnesium in one’s body happens from fatigue, muscle cramps, irregular heartbeat, and becoming mentally weak. As we grow older, the body’s deficiency tends to increase, since our absorption of minerals and vitamins from food consumed gets lesser. Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, kale, Avacado, Kidney beans, and Shrimps are a great natural source of magnesium. Regular intake of magnesium-rich products could lead to a healthier lifestyle.


Calcium helps to build bones and sharp teeth. It allows the muscles of the heart and the body to function better, and overall it assists in regulating blood pressure. Our system requires nearly 1000 mg of calcium each day. While we are young, we absorb it from food, but as we age, the absorption tends to go low. Hence, the oral intake of calcium is essential. Milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables, soya beans, and Dairy products are a good source of calcium. One must make sure the intake of calcium-rich products should increase with age. Calcium starts depleting as one begins aging, especially in women over the age of 30. Insufficiency of Calcium could lead to Osteopenia and later Osteoporosis, which is a calcium deficiency where the bones tend to have small pores due to the deficiency


Potassium’s primary property is to manage all the electrical activity in the body and regulate the fluid balance in the body. Lack of potassium could lead to vomiting, gland disorders, and more. It plays an essential role in the smooth functioning of digestion and keeps our routine soft. Honeydew, Banana, Apricot, Prune, Spinach, mushrooms, sweet potatoes are natural harbors of potassium, and one must have a balanced intake of these weekly.


Iron is known for its strengthening properties. It helps to preserve many vital functions of a human body. It helps to build the immunity and overall smooth functioning of the body. Most of all, it helps to produce hemoglobin, so a lack of iron could lead to anemia. Iron is usually found in non-vegetarian food, apart from Chicken, duck, pork, and turkey; it is also present in a lot of green vegetables, silverbeet and broccoli.

While these are some essential Minerals, there are others like Sodium, Chloride, and more than all are vital for our body. Every car needs fuel to move, and so does our body. Imbalance of minerals and vitamins may not be visible at first but could lead to severe issues in the overall functioning of the body. Remember, our body does not stop moving when it does not get a mineral; it somehow manages from its storages, but we must keep those storages filled with resources for we don’t know when it needs it the most. Especially at a workout, an injury, an accident, or even stress, the body entirely relies on these minerals to bounce back to its original form. These form the foundation of the working of our body.

So next time you go shopping for your grocery, don’t forget to pick some of your favorite nuts and berries with fresh cuts and cheese to have a completely balanced, healthy, and yummy diet.