Adoptee and Trauma Survivor Takes Readers ‘On the Healing Road’

Author Pam Pal shares her story of adoption and healing through therapeutic poetry.

TORONTO. (Feb. 10, 2020) – There are approximately 30,000 children legally eligible for adoption in Canada, but many “age out” of the system before they are ever placed with a family. Those that are lucky enough to be matched with a family face their own set of problems.

In “On the Healing Road: Through the Eyes of an Adoptee,” author Pam Pal, who writes under the pen name “The Poet Dena,” shares a collection of poetry about living with and healing from depression and emotional trauma stemming from living life as an adoptee.

“Watching my daughter grow up raised gnawing questions about my own origin,” Pal said. “This led me to searching for and finding my birth mom and meeting my birth siblings.”

Pal began life as “Geraldine,” but chose the name of her youngest inner child for her own voice as a poet. Her collection of poems shares her pain, joy and lessons learned, with the intention of lightening the burden and struggles of others who are suffering.

“The emotional trauma that accompanies adoption is something only someone who has been through it can understand,” Pal said. “I’m sharing my own struggles and the lessons I have learned in finding joy and healing to help alleviate the burden of others. I want them to understand they are not alone.”

“On the Healing Road”

By The Poet Dena

ISBN: 978-1-5462-6875-8

Available at AuthorHouse and Amazon

About the author

Pam Pal, aka The Poet Dena, shares her own pain, joy, and lessons learned in On The Healing Road. She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and was adopted at age two by loving parents. She went to work in the family business, as a bookkeeper, after high school. As you go along The Healing Road with her, you will like find at least a few words to help lighten your own inner or outer struggles.  To learn more about the author and her book please visit,