Debut Novelist Publishes Story of Spiritual Development

Ramma Kher’s new book on struggles, eventual triumphs.

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta (March 18, 2019) – In life, most journeys do not proceed in straight paths. The same holds true to pieces of fiction. As an author with her first published book, Ramma Kher takes her protagonist on a journey filled with loss, struggle, and spiritual awakening in “The Fifth Dimension.”

Meera emigrates from India to Canada as a newlywed, but her husband dies within months. Her dear friend, Jane, commits suicide soon after. To fulfill her last wishes, Meera adopts Jane’s illegitimate son, Rishi. Jane’s ruthless and wicked mother, Helena, has Rishi in an immoral and convoluted web of deceit.

“I believe that all humans and living beings are God’s creations and we are meant to embrace them in spite of differences in race, religion, culture, and nationality,” said Kher. “I also believe that all religions love and seek the same one, Supreme God. Therefore, there are no grounds for seeking superiority and causing conflicts.”

“Blending fiction with fact challenges readers on both intellectual and emotional levels as they follow Meera on her path to finding stability and peace,” stated The US Review of Books.

Constantly striving to preserve some semblance of beauty and truth in her turbulent life, Meera’s story is about sacrifice, struggle and survival, decrepitude and triumph, and pain and transcendence by the Spirit, the Fifth Dimension.

“The Fifth Dimension: A Story of Courage Through Faith”

By Ramma Kher

ISBN: 9781543425413 (softcover); 9781543425420 (hardcover); 9781543426304 (eBook)

Available at the Xlibris Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Ramma Kher was born and raised in India and immigrated to Canada in 1968 to obtain her PhD in Biology. She conducted scientific research for many years before retiring, due to ill health. An avid reader, Kher wrote stories as a young woman but did not publish them. After retiring from sciences, poor health and her commitment to family prevented her from pursuing the desire to write. Eventually, Kher realized her dream and published her first book, “The Fifth Dimension.”